Taapsee Vs Kangana: Taapsee Pannu's peace declaration in the ongoing Twitter war with Kangana, know what said

Taapsee Vs Kangana: A variety of war has been going on on Twitter for the last two days between Kangana Ranot and Taapsee Pannu. Both of them are doing earnest attacks one after the other. However, a ceasefire has now been declared in this war. This announcement came from Taapsee Pannu. She has given information on Twitter that she is now excluding herself from this debate.

Taapsee shared a video from her official account. In this video, Kangana is speaking at an India Today event on the issue of Outsider. In the first part of the video, she thanks Mahesh Bhatt. At the same time, in the second part, on the issue of Outsider says that once your film is released, it does not matter where you come from. After this, the audience decides.

Sharing this video, Taapsee wrote, ‘Hey! So what is the final now? Matter whether you are an insider or not. Man, everything is becoming very confusing. I am going to sign out before I forget what my stand is. ‘ In another tweet, Taapsee wrote, ‘Oh! The whole quota is of this quota system. Let’s make it easy to understand. It was solved. Everything is right in our region or in their region, meaning whatever you understand man. ‘

In the last tweet, Taapsee Pannu shared some lines of Subhadra Kumari Chauhan’s poem. He wrote, ‘Bundle Harbolon’s mouth we heard was the story, she fought a lot, she was a queen of Jhansi. This is where I end my case. With this poem, she is seen taunting Kangana.


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