Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: A fun twist to the show before Dayaben's entry

Dayaben is set to return soon after two years in SAB TV’s popular comedy drama show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Before this comeback, the show has a new twist. His voice reaches Jethalal before Dayaben in the show.

According to Pinkvilla’s report, in the latest episode, it will be shown that after Jaithalal’s lakhs of attempts, not Dayaben but his voice has reached Jethalal. Actually, in the last episode, it was shown that Saith Sundar, brother-in-law of Jethalal, tells him that he will get him to speak with mercy. But later Sundar’s friends remind him that Dayaben has gone to the temple with her mother.

Despite constant refusal, Jethalal does not give up his insistence on talking to Daya, but Sundar keeps refusing him again and again. Jethalal says to get Daya to talk to the video call, on which Sundar says that my phone’s camera is bad, so it will not happen. Due to Jethalal’s insistence, Sundar himself starts talking in a voice of mercy. Jethalal gets very emotional after hearing Daya’s voice in the phone.

The firstborn tells Daya that all the women had come to her shop and were saying to bring Daya back. On hearing Dayaben’s strange voice, Jetha asks him questions, on which Sundar, acting by Dayaben, says that the voice has changed due to sugarcane and pineapple juice. Suddenly Tappu also comes into the room and insists on talking to Daya, on which the phone is put on the speaker and Jethalal makes him talk. Tappu also insists on a video call from Dayaben.

Sundar, who is making out the voice of Dayaben, continues to deny this. Finally, after getting angry, Sundar, who is angry, removes his real voice. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Everyone tells Sundar many things for this action. Later, they hang up the phone with a beautiful excuse.

Jethalal is in a bad condition while waiting for Dayaben. It will have to be seen how Jethalal reacts when Daya returns in the Navratri special episode.


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