Until Meet the September Love
(From left) Haruna Kawaguchi, Kazuo Takahashi – (C) Yumi Matsuo / Futabasha (C) 2019 Movie “Until the September Love Meets” Production Committee

A scene photograph of the two “home dating scenes” was released from the movie ” Until the September Love Meet ” (released on March 1), where Takahashi Kazuo and Kawaguchi Haruna double star .

This work, which Yumi Matsuo ‘s top spot in the love category of “Bunko I want to read again”, was made into a movie, which is a novelist’s novelist Shinnosuke Hiranohashi (Takahashi) who is a mysterious atmosphere and its neighbor A love story depicting unlikely lies and unexpected feelings beyond the spacetime of Kitamura Shiori (Kawaguchi) who moved to the room.

At first it was Shihomi who had distrust in an unfriendly plain, but by chance I was helped by him when I got a fever. Furthermore, when I visit his house to tell him a thank you, I am invited to dinner from the plain that I cooked dinner too much. It was that meal scene that was released every time. The plain of the apron figure acts homemade to Shiori and says that they gradually reduce the distance of the heart.

Kamuta Hamano , Yuko Nakamura , Rina Kawashi , Yutaro Furutate , Mickey Curtis will firm up the side of Takahashi and Kawaguchi . ” I do not care cats. ” Do it to me! ” Yamamoto siri director took megaphone.


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