Story to read on the day when I first fell in love
Takanashi Tsen, Junko ‘s rival popular lecturer Tomonori Momota – (C) TBS

Actress Takanashi Tensei appeared from the sixth episode of the drama starring Kyoko Fukada starring “The First Time I Love Love” (TBS Series, Every Tuesday at 10 o’clock) .

This same drama depicting a love pattern by three men and Junko (Fukada) of super insensitive alasar girls who are fighting both in love and work with original comic with Aki Mochida as the original. A cousin ‘s cousin Masashi Yagumi ( Nagayama Yuuto ) who thinks of Junko since junior high school days, Yoritoshihei ( Yokohama meteor ) of Junko’ s student , Kazuko Yamashita ( Michiya Nakamura ) of Junko and a high school classmate ‘s ” The thermal gaze gathered in the direction. Takanashi from the sixth episode of the 19th broadcast plays the popular lecturer Tomonori Momota.

In order to raise the scores of mathematics in Kunita, Junko who was keenly aware that he was inadequate is to bring Kohei to the “Hanae Society” specialized in the University of Tokyo. As a lecturer, Mr. Hydera of a sparkling girl who is talented by everyone who graduated from UCL (University College London) who is the most popular among Hanaei Kai is in charge. Takanashi Fusing Momota is a character that is good at teaching studies and has great confidence from students, and is a character that releases the charm of a woman who is not in Junko. Endo et al. Ma Yang who accompanied Konpei to such Momota is a melon melody condition. Will Shoppe become a prisoner of Momota too? I also mind Momota’s unknown secret.

TBS’s drama series will be Takanashi since “Massage” (2015). In the drama, the story will move greatly as a new character. Takanashi received the appearance this time, “I received a script, I was looking forward to playing in the original image as well as the character that matched this drama, and I am looking forward to doing it variously While I was still alive, I felt that I have several faces and personality, but it comes from a strong complex in her.I think at first it seems a disgusting person, but she I’d like to take care of the feelings inside of me.”

Tuesday drama “The story to read on the day when I first fell in love” The sixth episode was broadcast from 10 o’clock to 11:07 on February 19


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