News of the fire on the house of actor Tanaz Irani and Bakhtiyaar Irani came to light. The incident took place on 1st April, due to which the problems of these two increased even further. When Tanaj and Bakhtiar shared the news of the fire in the house with their loved ones, then people considered it a joke of April Fool’s Day and put an end to the talk of laughter.

According to the news published in the Bombay Times, Tanaj and Bakhtiar were sleeping in their rooms. Then his helper in the children’s room got a loud voice. He and Bakhtiyar were afraid when they heard the sound and ran towards the room. When they saw them, they were surprised. There was a fire in the room. Tanaz said that Bakhtiyar was not a quick panic but this time he also agreed. With the help of shawls present in the house, Bakhtiyar and neighbors managed to control the fire.

Tanaz said that Bakhtiyar worked very bravely and fortunately the fire station was also on time too. After this he told that when he told his friends and relatives about the accident, he thought it was a joke of April Fool. But later when they came to know of the truth then they were all surprised.

Tanaz said that all the people from Khussebbi are safe and firefighting equipments in the house are very important.


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