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Every person turned into shocked to hear that JK’s residence had stuck hearth. Prithvi and JK hurry back domestic. Niyati asks Akshat to move as well. Akshat says they just married, he can’t go away her by myself. it might be a bad omen to leave her like this. Dadi concurs that he can’t depart a newlywed bride, but she wishes it’s not an exceptional loss. Akshat hopes his Papa handles whatever is going on there.JK cried badly while guys were operating to put the hearth off.

in the room, Kartik and Parth have been drinking. Akshat says he has to be traumatic as his house got a fireplace. He gulps a wine glass, then asks Parth for some other. Kartik spoke frankly, Akshat corrects him to talk to him respectfully. Afterwards, he tells Kartik and Parth that it’s his first wedding night and sends them both for adorning the room. He warns to revenge their sister in the event that they disagree with. Parth and Kartik agree to enhance Akshat’s room, wondering what precisely came about to him. They watch Niyati come towards the room and hurries to hide the bottle. They take a go away from the room keeping off tons interplay. Niyati comes to Akshat and asks what changed into occurring in here, Parth and Kartik seemed tense. He replies she is thinking way too much. Niyati asks him to return downstairs, Prithvi and JK are here. Akshat holds her hand.

Within the corridor, JK cried that his residence isn’t well worth staying anymore. Prithvi assures JK that quickly they may assemble a residence for him. Dadi became involved wherein they may stay till their residence is built. Ashutosh says he has organized their stay in a five famous person in. Akshat asks why they should live in a hotel, Jalsa is there. Niyati clutches Akshat’s hand. Akshat says Niyati ought to be thinking about the society, but they shouldn’t fear about all this. at least now they may be families. Prithvi had become to stand Akshat intrigued by way of his changing tone. Akshat asks Prithvi if that is what he stated. He, Niyati and his father can luckily accommodate vicinity in Jalsa. Sumati says she could be glad to have spent a few greater days with her daughter. Akshat says he got this concept because he could be happy to revel in Sumati’s cooking. Prithvi questions if he’s inebriated. Niyati becomes also worried and asks who made him drunk. Kartik and Parth come there and tells Akshat that his room is prepared. Akshat says they compelled him to drink. Parth and Kartik had been speechless. Sumati changed into indignant and questions Parth while he started drinking. Akshat appears away with a reddened eye. Ashutosh asks Sumati to calm down, they have other topics. Akshat says it’s now not a remember however a problem wherein they may live. Sumati says it’s determined that they will live right here. Akshat seems toward Prithvi and says he isn’t still confident. Akshat says Prithvi claimed him to be his son, whilst blessing post-wedding ceremony. Prithvi accepts he did. Akshat asks what if Prithvi also starts to name him a Ghar Jamai. Prithvi assures nobody within the metropolis can dare point a finger over Prithvi and his family. Akshat says for him, self-appreciate topics lots. He hugs Prithvi. Prithvi tells Akshat he married his daughter, he has to attend to her now. Akshat says he’s first-class, can they fall asleep.

Niyati holds Akshat’s hand as they go towards the room together. Prithvi turned into now livid over Parth and Kartik and blame them for Akshat’s condition. He warns them that no person would be worse than him if this takes place in destiny.

Kanchan, in the prison, thinks Niyati goes to begin a new lifestyle together with her prince captivating. but the truth is, this news life is like a darkish well. It won’t be able to come out of this properly once more. She desires Niyati a glad first wedding ceremony night time.

PRECAP: Akshat tries to get intimate with Niyati. She wasn’t prepared and alternatively slaps him for being forceful. Akshat fells on the ground with reddened eyes and a smirk on face.

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