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Akshat tells Prithvi he went to jail with Niyati, they wanted to look if there are any modifications in Kanchan in jail. Prithvi tells Niyati to forestall thinking about Kanchan. He sends Ashutosh and Manisha to room for dressing. Akshat asks Prithvi to talk, then says it’s very well; it’s late and he’ll communicate to him the next day. Prithvi walks to his room. Akshat stares at Niyati and Sumati, then whistles on his manner to the room.

late at night, Dr. Daksh works over Akshat’s worn material piece. He then asks whose soul it is, and what it wants to get. He cuts a bit from the fabric into the hearth. Then warns the soul to reveal itself, else he’s going to continue to throw portions into fire and the soul will continue to burn. Akshat trembles in sleep, the ghost in him shouts that he’ll ruin the whole thing if it’s now not stopped.

Dr. Daksh warns the ghost to show itself. He throws the remaining piece of cloth into the fireplace, the fireplace blew off. Akshat stops trembling and says it’s a brand new sport from day after today. Kanchan smirks.

Niyati wakes up and become concerned that Akshat wasn’t in mattress. Parth tells Niyati Akshat and Prithvi went for morning walk. Sumati takes Niyati to Purani Ghaati. They reach the primary door and finds Prithvi and Akshat return domestic together after walk and stretches. The ladies conceal in the back of the primary door. Sumati comes out from in the back of the door, Akshat reaches just near to her in an intriguing manner. Niyati fears her heart will fail although Akshat hasn’t carried out whatever. Sumati asks Niyati to name Daksh, he should have observed out about the soul.

The women drive to Daksh. Dr. Daksh says Kanchan has captured a very risky soul, it’s tough to discover about it. Sumati says it’s dangerous to stay with Akshat in a unmarried residence. Dr. Daksh says Akshat wants to set up fear of their minds and hearts, they are apprehensive and alert every time. Kanchan is gambling a thoughts sport and desires to destroy them in their sufferings. He warns them to be cautious. Niyati says she is clueless if they need to be cautious of thoughts games from Akshat most effective, or can he bodily damage a person as properly. Niyati receives a call from Akshat. He asks Niyati if she will go back home after all people has died. They were tensed immediately.

Niyati and Sumati reach Jalsa. They surprise what Akshat is upto. Nani asks where they had been early morning. Sumati says she and Niyati went for a walk most effective. Prithvi invites them to join for breakfast. Niyati asks why all and sundry is worked up, what’s in the breakfast and who’s cooking. Akshat comes from at the back of and says he. Prithvi asks Akshat if everything is great; first walking then breakfast. Akshat says he cooked Aalu Paratha, kheer and gajar ka halwa for them. He invites Sumati and Niyati to join them. Akshat says he by no means got a chance in advance, today as Niyati and Maa had been out for a while so he used all his inner energies. They must now try to tell him how he cooked. Niyati turned into intrigued through this word, electricity and fears if Akshat combined something in it. Akshat offers to provide him a chew via his personal hand; in spite of everything he should get the credits of sending him to Swarg. everybody stares. Akshat explains they’ll sense like heaven after this tasty food. Niyati thinks the food will be poisonous, what she should do. She swiftly drags the desk cowl from the desk. all and sundry scolds Niyati for ruining Akshat’s tough paintings. Akshat comes to whisper at Niyati that if she tells everybody, he can overtly assault. he is fed up of playing this manner. Ashutosh scolds Niyati for behaving awkward. Akshat tells Mama ji that Niyati has carried out such matters a whole lot of times in advance as well. Prithvi asks Akshat to be clean in what he desires to mention. Akshat says from their wedding night time, Niyati behaves a bit awkward. He explains that on their wedding ceremony night time she fought with him and while she had an accident she changed into using the automobile herself even as being drunk, and then jumped off the jogging automobile. He tells the circle of relatives that on their honeymoon, Niyati put the room on fireplace. He fears what if Niyati commits suicide in stress.

PRECAP: Kanchan asks Niyati if her face is shining, is it the smile of peace before one’s demise. Niyati smiles and tells Kanchan she now is aware of about the evil soul Kanchan sent into Akshat’s body.


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