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Prithvi become worried and says he need to pass to talk to Niyati. Akshat doesn’t allow him. He says Niyati isn’t in a condition to bear all this, she respects him. He requests Prithvi to agree with him and permit him manage Niyati’s circumstance. Dadi says Akshat is Niyati’s father, however Prithvi says he’s her father. Prithvi warns Akshat to cover something from him. Sumati thinks Akshat is blaming Niyati and she or he can’t even tell anyone the fact, as it might be risky for their lives.
Akshat finds Niyati talking to Dr. Daksh on smartphone. He comes inner and asks Niyati to provide him a grin, he can inform anyone downstairs that she is first-class. Downstairs, Sumati convince Prithvi and others that Niyati appears to be high-quality, they’re handiest overthinking. Akshat comes there and says it appears Niyati is mentally disturbed, she is crying upstairs; Sumati need to go to her. Sumati silently walks away. Akshat’s eyes flash red and he speaks to Prithvi.

in the room, Sumati became worried for Niyati. Niyati says Akshat must have sent her deliberately. Akshat tells Prithvi to go to workplace, he will take care of Niyati. Niyati speak with Sumati that they could’t consider Akshat, she can now do what she advised Dr. Daksh.

inside the police station, Niyati comes to fulfill Kanchan. Kanchan name callings Niyati seems extraordinarily freshen up after her demise. Niyati says it’s Kanchan close to the dying, she has determined out about that evil soul. Kanchan seems disturbed. Niyati says she already tracked her cellular telephone record and determined out wherein the soul become detected. Dr. Daksh has kept a Havan to counter the soul, and it’s going to then enter into Kanchan’s frame leaving Akshat. Kanchan tells Niyati she can not permit it happen, she will take the soul out of Akshat’s frame. Niyati lends her a time of two hours and turns to depart. Kanchan claps behind and thinks Akshat already informed her the plan of Niyati and Dr. Daksh. She tells Niyati to take care of her father and find out if he reached office, or Akshat killed him midway. Niyati leaves the police station worried. On her name, Sumati assessments into Akshat’s room. Akshat wasn’t in there. Niyati drives to Prithvi’s office while a automobile stops her way. She comes out to shout at the driving force, it changed into Akshat. She inquires Akshat in which is her father, what he did to him. Prithvi comes out of the auto. Niyati become tensed and asks Prithvi if he’s great. Niyati pushes Akshat away, as she earlier warned him to live faraway from her father. Akshat asks Prithvi to be short, they have no time. Prithvi place an amulet over Niyati’s forehead. She faints into Akshat’s arm. Prithvi puts the amulet round her neck.

In Jalsa, Niyati wakes up and finds everyone from the circle of relatives around her in the room. Prithvi forbids her to arise. Niyati asks why they are gazing her like this. Akshat asks if they now believe him. Niyati sits up and inquires what he wants to say. Prithvi changed into silent. Niyati remembers Prithvi placing an amulet around her neck, she attempts to take it off however her hand gets a shock. Akshat says it’s the biggest proof. Niyati become clueless. Nani tells Niyati that Tantra changed into accomplished over her. whatever she did become beneath the Tantra impact. Prithvi says he and Akshat spoke to each different after Sumati had long gone to the room. Akshat instructed him that Kanchan did this Tantra on Niyati. They have to keep an eye fixed over Niyati, if she goes to satisfy Kanchan to jail or no longer. Prithvi says he accompanied Niyati to prison, and she went there thrice; did she. Niyati nods. Niyati watch Sumati standing outdoor the room and looks for assist.

PRECAP: Dr. Daksh says they must loose Akshat from the evil soul. Akshat follows Dr. Daksh. Dr. Daksh suggests him a small field his body turned into captive in. Akshat attempts to forcefully take the container and kill Dr. Daksh.


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