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Prithvi heads toward Niyati and saves her from falling. There, Akshat drags Riya out of the corridor out of doors. He locks her in a storeroom on the returned. Riya retains to plead him permit her unfastened, she guarantees she won’t visit birthday celebration and alternatively move domestically. Akshat stops Riya and says he can’t spare her, she knows greater than he can have enough money. He clutches her neck suffocating Riya to dying. a pitcher vase lying close by fell at the ground and ruin. Riya defends herself with the aid of getting maintain of the vase and hitting him with it. Akshat holds the broken vase with reddened eyes. Riya senses he couldn’t be a person and inquires who he’s. Akshat kills Riya with the damaged vase.

Within the celebration, Niyati became looking for Akshat. outdoor, Kartik calls on Riya’s quantity and wonders wherein she has gone. Akshat carried a large suitcase out of Jalsa. Kartik asks in which he’s headed to. Akshat replies he wishes to repair a dead frame. Kartik breaks right into laughter and says Akshat jokes nicely. Akshat says thank you and heads to assist Akshat to load the suitcase within the car. He notices its too heavy. Akshat says they got some of the presents such as wall clocks, dinner units and so on. He determined to pay all this in alms. Kartik goes to name on Riya’s wide variety. The telephone bell jewellery from the car but Akshat shuts the returned door of automobile readily.

Niyati thinks Akshat may have long gone out of doors. She notices Akshat’s car being driven out of Jalsa. She calls on Akshat’s smartphone but he doesn’t pick it up. She makes a decision to follow Akshat. Akshat was involved watching her automobile in the back of and wonders why she could comply with him. He speeds up his car. Niyati wonders why Akshat is racing the automobile instead of slowing down, can’t he pay attention to her horn. Akshat wonders the way to eliminate Niyati. quickly, his car vanishes from the path as he deviates into a forest. Niyati wonders wherein the automobile is long past. She receives a name from Sumati. Sumati asks where is Niyati, she and Akshat are worried for her. Niyati thinks if Akshat is domestic, who took his car then.

Niyati reaches Jalsa and notices the automobile turned into nonetheless no longer there, she wonders who took Akshat’s vehicle and why. She comes into the residence. Sumati stood watching for Niyati and takes her to satisfy some guests from Mumbai. Niyati turned into stunned to see Akshat talking to some visitors already. He introduces the visitor to Niyati. Niyati asks to speak to Akshat for some time. They go aside. Niyati asks Akshat what that is. Akshat says he just complemented Niyati for being her proposal. Niyati asks wherein he had gone right now. Akshat reciprocates the question. Niyati tells Akshat she accompanied his car outdoor Jalsa, but the automobile vanished on the way. Akshat tells Niyati that the mechanic got here over to take his automobile for servicing. they had an accident and he can’t in addition threat Niyati’s vehicle. Kartik comes to them concerned about Riya. Niyati becomes unaware. Akshat replies he can simplest see his wife considering that he was given married. Niyati receives busy with a few visitors. Akshat thinks Niyati has been spying on him, he has to forestall her.

After the party, Sumati comes to Niyati and notices she turned into tensed. Niyati shares with Sumati about Akshat and burning of his residence. Sumati convinces Niyati no longer to be tensed about it, humans pass on honeymoons to come nearer and increase some reminiscences. Niyati says she wasn’t sure if Akshat would agree to this or now not. Sumati tells her to per cent her luggage, she will speak to Akshat herself. out of doors the room, Sumati reveals Akshat overhear their verbal exchange. She asks if he turned into listening to their verbal exchange. Akshat smiles that he turned into thinking Sumati is extremely first-class. Niyati might have denied for happening honeymoon, thank you for speak me to her. he is taking her benefits a good way to accomplish his desires, even as he eyes reddened. After Sumati has left, Akshat smirks that Niyati is being driven to loss of life.

Precap:- Kanchan instructs a guy that it has to seem simplest to be a twist of fate. He has to paintings plenty for her after Niyati’s death.

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