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Niyati movements ahead closer to Akshat with the bag. Prithvi sends Niyati to look after Parth who puked inside the corner. She locations the bag of Gulal over the desk, offers a glass of water to him and takes the bag another time. She seems for Akshat. Akshat drags her closer and dances around with Niyati. Dr. Daksh desire Niyati throws the Gulal over Akshat now. She throws a handful over Akshat. He changed into left nonetheless however straightens along with his eyes nevertheless flashing crimson. Akshat laughs over Niyati. Niyati wonders why Akshat is behaving as though making amusing of her. She gets a threat to throw a whole plate of color over Akshat’s face and disappears from the scene. Niyati comes to Dr. Daksh that nothing could be executed to the soul. Dr. Daksh says it became impossible, it had the energy of more than one lac mantra. Niyati recalls she positioned

the Gulaal over the desk. Sumati wonders who might have changed the Gulaal and why.
Akshat recollects watching Prithvi throw the Gulaal container. He recalls Sumati tell Prithvi the reality, then tied a thread over Prithvi’s hand and did Tantra over him as nicely. Prithvi’s eyes blinked pink as well. Sumati involves ask Parth if he noticed someone touch that Gulal bag. Akshat comes to her and asks why she feels as apprehensive as having seen a ghost. Sumati turns to leave, Akshat twists her arm at the back of her. He says he received’t leave each person intervening his manner. She, Niyati and Daksh should die for what they have done. Sumati shouts with pain in her arm. Akshat asks what Sumati could tell human beings how she broke her bone or now not, she can make up that she had beer. Niyati comes from behind and beats Akshat with a timber rod. Prithvi involves take hold of the wood rod off Niyati’s hand and shouts at her to drop it. Ashutosh calls off the birthday party. Prithvi says this is what he feared, Niyati became beating her husband. Akshat tells Prithvi that there are some of guests, and Niyati is doing the entirety below Kanchan’s Tantra effect. Sumati attempts to shield Niyati. Akshat says they ought to do as per Prithvi’s plan. Prithvi holds her hand to fasten Niyati into a room. Nani stops Prithvi from taking one of these act, she is her daughter. Niyati runs from their and holds a scissors. everybody encircles Niyati, but she warns to kill her personal self otherwise. Akshat takes others to observe Niyati as she will’t be left alone.
Nani is going unconscious. Prithvi, Sumati and Dadi live again with her.
Akshat follows Niyati into the forest. She hides herself in the back of a tree. Prithvi, Kartik, Ashutosh and Akshat look at the forest for Niyati. Akshat reached near Niyati. She makes a decision to tell Sumati and Daksh about her presence. She thinks every person will take her returned domestic if they discover her.
At Jalsa, Prithvi assures Sumati that her mother had a low BP. He sat tensed that Kanchan is doing so, she is ruining his daughter’s life. He complains to Sumati that no one instructed her about it. Sumati notices Prithvi didn’t take into account thinks vividly. Ashutosh’s spouse shows they must lock Niyati into a room whilst she is lower back. Sumati asserts that Niyati is flawlessly o.k.. Prithvi asserts that the situation has worsened due to Niyati, he wasn’t geared up to understand whatever and become simplest tensed for Niyati.
Niyati became strolling into the wooded area whilst Akshat appears from the front. He says hey baby. She tries to get away however Akshat holds her hand tightly. Niyati says he can’t stored her into a room. Akshat says he is no extra involved, he’ll now kill her. Niyati runs once more but Akshat wonders how long she can maintain to run away. Akshat unearths Niyati and tells her that her dying could be recalled as a suicide underneath the effect of Tantra. Niyati bends right down to shield herself from his punch. The tree bark breaks and fell over them. Niyati pushes Akshat away to save him, but herself slips down a cliff.

PRECAP: Akshat returns to Jalsa. Ashutosh inquires wherein he were. Akshat says he went after Niyati into the woodland but she turned into nowhere. He hears Prithvi crying inner. He is available in to locate everybody cry, he smirks that they even got Niyati’s useless frame


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