Tantra 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Akshat was riding Niyati to the farmhouse. Akshat presents Niyati a bouquet and promises some of the surprises for her within the farm residence. close to a market, Niyati asks Akshat to forestall the automobile and walks into the marketplace. Akshat follows her. Niyati says she couldn’t get him any present and wants to shop for one for her.

A younger man performed marbles with the youngsters and items them a big percentage in his marbles. He passes by way of Akshat, his jacket flies over. He senses sturdy bad vibes around.

Akshat and Niyati get into their vehicle. Niyati added him roasted corn which became Akshat’s favourite.
The young guy clicks a photograph in their car.

Akshat opens the door for Niyati’s automobile as they attain the farmhouse. He stops her from going internal and blindfolds her with a black cloth. Niyati asks what he is up. Akshat asks her to agree with her husband.

The younger guy calls Missouri police station and introduces himself as police inspector Rao. He inquires approximately the automobile registration and unearths it its after Prithvi Khanna’s call. She searches Prithvi Khanna’s call, Jalsa and info of Niyati’s wedding from the net.

Akshat eliminates Niyati’s blindfold. The room was lightened by way of a click of his finger. It becomes decorated with balloons and cake. They make guarantees for each different.

Rao calls on Jalsa’s landline. Ashutosh takes the decision. He says he is speaking from a Janta garage, the car went out of order on the highway and is at paintings station. He misplaced the mobile range and discovered this number on a bill within the car. He asks about Akshat’s quantity and for a more secure aspect of the address. After noting, he was headed towards dawn Hill in which farmhouse changed into.

Niyati comes dressed up even as Akshat was nevertheless ready. He holds her intimately into his hands. Then kneels to take her hands and dance with her. Niyati area her head over his shoulder whilst hugging. Akshat’s eyes flash purple and he includes her to the bedroom. His reddened eyes flash and she gets off to carry another deliberate marvel for Niyati. He goes out of doors locking Niyati into the room. out of doors, he creates an electrically powered spark outside. within the room, Niyati may want to smell something burning.

Precap:- Akshat falsify his situation for Niyati while she becomes still stuck in the fireplace. Niyati swears him on her lifestyles no longer to jump in the fire and save her. Akshat thinks he already desires Niyati to die.


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