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Kanchan comes downstairs and doesn’t recognize Niyati and Akshat. Sumati says she doesn’t know, this woman wants a relation with us. Niyati grabs Kanchan’s neck. Prithvi comes to save Kanchan, Nani become additionally defensive of Kanchan as nicely. Niyati pleads her circle of relatives to understand her and Akshat, and wonders what passed off to all of them. Prithvi says they ought to call the police, they received’t agree in any other case. Niyati asserts that she is his daughter. Prithvi says his daughter Niyati has died, and factors closer to a photo at the wall. He points toward a stranger’s photo. Niyati assaults over Kanchan once more. Akshat questions in which Akshat is then. Sumati says their daughter didn’t marry. Ashutosh says they must be sent to prison. Akshat tells Niyati to leave and takes her out of Jalsa. Prithvi stops them and calls the police. Akshat fights everyone and go away. Kanchan location her face over Sumati’s shoulder and says she is terrified, why that girl wants to kill her. Akshat and Niyati flee Jalsa and come to wooded area. Niyati cries that there are repeated problem. She lost her family now. Even her mother and father don’t recognize them. Akshat guarantee he stands with her. while he came out of Tantra’s spell, he forgot her however everything was first-rate later on. This time as properly, they may fight Kanchan and her spell. Niyati receives Kanchan’s name. Akshat says Kanchan is most effective gambling thoughts games along with her. Niyati was decided to play thoughts games along with her now. She takes the decision now. Kanchan laughs over Niyati and asks if she loves her circle of relatives, how it felt while her own family didn’t understand her. She warns Niyati of worst consequences this time, for now it’s a mystery. Akshat says he is aware of well what she is upto. Kanchan says he doesn’t recognise about her plan, his soul need with him; he can’t idiot her. Niyati says this suggests how nervous Kanchan is interior. Niyati says she can soon come to her. Nani tells the police that the lady grabbed the female’s neck. Kanchan smirks that her own family is deep in her love now. This time she will entire her revenge and it’s going to tremble the entire international.

Niyati and Akshat tell Dr. Daksh about Kanchan and their family. Daksh says he have to do some have a look at. Niyati says they ought to discover about Kanchan’s plan. two kids come to tell Akshat they’ve cleaned his lawn. Daksh presents them a chocolate and signs their end result sheet. Akshat gadgets this is toddler labor. Daksh says this is a school venture of those kids, this chocolate present was best a gift. Niyati receives an idea about faculty assignment. He requests Daksh for such youngsters and requests his assist.

At Jalsa, the Sadhvi comes to Kanchan in Niyati’s room. She asks Kanchan why she referred to as her here. Kanchan says a unmarried project just ended, some other is yet left. there may be any other essential task left. The woman changed into terrified if they again ought to feed people some powder. She didn’t want to do any risky paintings. She is an actress and not a tantric. Kanchan holds her hand and asserts she should do it. she will earn extra cash than this, and he or she is properly conscious what she is able to. The woman concurs unwillingly. Kanchan tells her the plan.

Daksh shows Niyati secret digital camera located in her necklace. This way, they’ll be able to keep an eye over what’s occurring inside. He warns that Niyati ought to simplest get achieved from college students what’s allowed from the school and that they should be in no hazard.

Astha was terrified that this will create an uproar inside the complete town. Kanchan warns if Astha fails, this may show up to her as nicely.

Kanchan receives a call from Akshat. Akshat says he wants to stay, and wants to offer her a deal. He is aware of she hates Niyati however why put him and own family at stake. Kanchan boasts she isn’t any idiot however consents to fulfill. Akshat and Niyati desire each different fine of good fortune, and to attend to every other.

Precap Upcoming Tantra episode update: Niyati asks Akshat to drink the water and be her slave. She forces him to be her slave for only at some point. Akshat became alert that she turned into upto something in sooner or later. He pushes the bottle away and clutches her neck, asking what she goes to do the next day.


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