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Niyati persuade Prithvi that Saudamini is incorrect. Prithvi became disillusioned that he didn’t assume she will be able to make him see these days, but she has damaged his consider and heart each nowadays. He leaves the hall. Saudamini tells Akshat and Guru jee to go away. Sumati asks Dadi and Nani if they’ll still choose Niyati, didn’t they see she is the blood of a satan like Pratab. Kanchan feels terrible hearing such false phrases for her father. when the own family has left, Kanchan thinks Niyati has now seen she is recognized by her blood relation. in the neighbor’s house, Saudamini thanks Kanchan and asks how she reached there. Kanchan tells Saudamini she changed into in the back of Niyati whilst Saudamini abducted Guru jee. She wanted to defend Saudamini from any hassle. Niyati left Jalsa, and whilst she left Samshan ghat Saudamini had already fallen.

She shot the video. Kanchan boasts she turned Prithvi, the most important power of Niyati towards her today. The solar rises. Saudamini’s eyes sparkle, the 0.33 night time has long past with the aid of. Now best four days are left for Niyati to die. They watch the 0.33 nail upward thrust from the ground of Jalsa and blast inside the air. Niyati vomit’s blood that flows her nose as nicely. She involves her room, sips water while being disillusioned due to Prithvi.

Prithvi turned into leaving Jalsa. Niyati calls from her window in which he goes. Prithvi seems in the direction of Niyati however doesn’t respond. Niyati goes downstairs, takes her bag and turns to leave Jalsa. Sumati asks Niyati in which she is going. Niyati says she wants to take Prithvi’s pc, he goes somewhere; wherein? Dadi says he has an critical enterprise meeting in Delhi. Niyati felt sad that Papa always meet her earlier than leaving. Sumati proclaims this will preserve any longer. She comes downstairs and says one leaves the house with the aid of assembly humans having proper will. She takes the laptop bag and offers it to driving force. Niyati says she in no way wished fake. Her maternal circle of relatives had been nonetheless in disbelief that Niyati become caught doing black magic. Sumati says Prithvi will decide upon his return what they must do with Niyati. till then it’s her duty, and for subsequent 3 days Niyati gained’t go away her room. She drags Niyati upstairs and locks her in her room. Sumati clarifies to the circle of relatives that they must take into account remaining night’s incident, in the event that they nevertheless deem it right they are able to release the door. but they must thoughts that her supporter could be answerable for any horrific incident inside the residence.

Niyati receives a name from Kanchan who smirks she is crying. Kanchan inquires how it felt being rejected with the aid of her so called Papa and circle of relatives. Even her Papa stands in opposition to her. they might have revenged their father’s demise from this family. Niyati says she isn’t her sister, and he or she doesn’t have any relation with that devil. Kanchan tells Niyati she and Saudamini aren’t going to spare her circle of relatives, and her Niyati will have to live alive in order to protect them. Niyati calls Akshat and tells him approximately the state of affairs. Akshat says he and Guru Jee will do it without her, he’s going to even give up on his life however complete her project.

It became fourth night. Akshat climbs the wall of Jalsa. Guru jee preserve chanting the chant from out of doors the gate. Akshat says the milk will drift to the roots of Tantra. Kanchan opens the window to look Akshat. Saudamini turned into concerned along with her Tantra inside the neighbor’s house. Niyati additionally watch Akshat and Guru jee from her room’s window. Saudamini’s Tantra over electricity the route of milk. Guru jee chants his Mantra. Saudamini’s work successfully burns another nail on the floor of Tantra.

The 5th night, Guru jee and Akshat arrive with a ball and rolls it at the ground of Jalsa. Saudamini got here from in the back of with a fireplace torch. Saudamini works her Tantra from in the back of them. The fire from her torch turned into transferred to the ball. Niyati’s fitness condition worsens.

Tantra 1st February 2019 Written Update Precap: Kanchan comes domestic and was greatly surprised to peer Prithvi sitting along with her mom. Sunaina introduces Prithvi to Kanchan. Prithvi confirms again if Kanchan is her daughter.

Tantra 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update
Tantra 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

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