Tantra 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Akshat’s hand burns as coal because the Pandit ji hands him the sweet of Prasad. Niyati observes his pain and prays for God’s help in discovering the roots of Akshat’s Tantra.

Akshat and Niyati come to satisfy Kanchan who waited at the other facet of the bar. She smiles watching them are available in. She tells Niyati she bears the punishment of intervening of their topics. Akshat shouldn’t as nicely trust he can put off this. no one can discover about their Tantra. Akshat says this is sufficient, she gained’t be capable of damage him anymore.

Kanchan reminds what Akshat had done upon her hints, he took lifestyles of that female who had nothing to do with all this. She says in addition, Akshat could have to finish off Khanna family. he’s going to kill his beloved spouse in the long run, and in front of everyone. Akshat clutches Kanchan’s neck and warns he can’t allow her to win this time. Kanchan clutches his amulet and tries to drag it. Niyati holds Kanchan’s hand tightly and was able to protect the amulet from her grip. Kanchan changed into pushed lower back and fells on the ground. A police inspector is available in. Kanchan complains that Niyati attempted to damage her. back at domestic, Akshat says Niyati shouldn’t have pushed Kanchan. They gained’t get permission to meet her again. Niyati says it became important to shop his amulet. Akshat apologizes Niyati.

Niyati says they need to be extra cautious at domestic now. each turns to move inner however Sumati stops them there. Sumati tells Niyati and Akshat she heard they were speak to cover something, and there were a few variations. Niyati explains they fight loads and have been discussing they shouldn’t do so. Sumati says that they had long gone to farm residence for per week, the caretaker said they left one by one in a single day. What’s the reality? earlier than Akshat may want to communicate,

Niyati holds his hand. She says she needed to go to Choti Ghaati temple, Akshat changed into ill and he or she didn’t wake him up. while he woke up he becomes aggravated, then referred to as her to stay on a dual carriageway. all the trouble took place after they met. Sumati inquires what had befallen to Akshat. Akshat says he had headache and his eyes reddened. Sumati confirms if that is the real truth, or are they lying. Niyati thinks she can’t inform her the complete truth but didn’t lie to her completely as nicely. Ashutosh calls them inside, as Prithvi has to talk to them.

Prithvi offers the information to all people that their lodge with an English family is whole. they’ll depart for inauguration by means of the street. Parth and Kartik were excited about lengthy pressure and hiking. Prithvi asks them to get prepared and make the packings as properly. Sumati notices Niyati’s telephone changed into ringing, it became Dr. Drusht. Niyati is going interior for packing. Akshat follows Niyati to the room. Sumati thinks she ought to find out what’s Niyati hiding.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Tantra episode update online story ends.

Precap: Upcoming Tantra episode update Dr. Duksh gives Niyati a bag to protect her from Kanchan’s hurdles. Niyati comes out of Jalsa with the bag and changed into attacked via a cloud of bats.


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