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Niyati hears the footsteps of Akshat heading towards the room. His eyes flash purple. Niyati runs into some other room, dialing the number of that physician from journeying card. The medical doctor became in meditation and doesn’t pick out up the decision. Akshat had reached outdoor the room. Niyati cuts the call without delay. Akshat enters the room to locate Niyati already in bed. He sits beside her, rubbing his quit her head. His hands blooded, at the same time as eyes flashing fiercely. Akshat thinks Niyati is asleep, he must have heard something falling due to wind breeze. He goes to shut the windows.

The doctor wraps up his yoga mat and assessments his mobile phone. He wonders who may want to call him so past due. He fears that Niyati Khanna is probably in some problem and calls back. Akshat had simply became to depart the room and prevents to pick up the smartphone.

Niyati was afraid it need to be Dr. Drusht’s name. Dr. Drusht speaks as a wrong caller to Akshat. Later, Dr. Drusht thinks those missed calls indicates Niyati is doubtful of this man. He have to help her as she is probably in threat. Akshat checks Niyati twice earlier than leaving the room. After it became confirmed that he had left, Niyati sat careworn in her bed.

Akshat comes to put on an clean chair and rocks all of it night.

the subsequent morning his thoughts echoes with sounds of someone else. Niyati involves peek into the room. Akshat become talking to the voice in his thoughts. Niyati opens the door cautiously, and hears Akshat assure the voice that her paintings shall soon be finished, it’s only the fate of Niyati that protects her every time, Kanchan Ji. Niyati comes to the room and cries. She thinks this implies anything occurred in their lifestyles after marriage was because of Kanchan. She thinks about Dr. Drusht’s warnings.
Akshat speaks he’ll end her right away.

Niyati now understood the peculiar conduct of Akshat, she become sure Kanchan had finished some thing incorrect to him. She became determined now not to permit Kanchan win, she will be able to’t allow her win.

Akshat reached out of doors Niyati’s room. He pulls the twine off the landline smartphone, then beats Niyati’s room door fiercely pushing to break in. Niyati wasn’t inside the room. Akshat appears through the window.

He attempts to calm his mind again, then informs Kanchan that Niyati left. Kanchan become livid and asks what if Niyati has known the truth. If Akshat fails, he received’t be safe and will ought to beg for his lifestyles. Akshat disconnects with Niyati as he receives a call from Niyati.

He asks Niyati wherein is she. Niyati cries and asks how lengthy he’ll continue to play along with her. Akshat poses clueless. Niyati says she is aware of what it is all approximately on the grounds that their marriage. She is going domestic and inform the circle of relatives about it. Akshat says there need to be a few misunderstanding and they are able to communicate about it. Niyati says speaking to him is useless.
After the call, Akshat tells Kanchan that Niyati goes to Jalsa and tell the circle of relatives approximately everything.

in the automobile, Niyati turned into with Dr. Drusht. She confirms if she is doing the right factor. It’s Kanchan in the back of him and what if Kanchan harms him. Dr. Drusht says Niyati nevertheless cares for Akshat. Niyati says he’s her existence and love. She changed into certain that Akshat will comply with them. Akshat receives into the automobile, wondering Niyati ought to have crossed this hill station. Her demise point is fixed.

Niyati confirms Dr. Dhrusht if the matters can be resolved. Dr. says today is Mahashivratri. The God Shiv is known as God of God, and Behrav in Tantra international. On one facet he’s gentle hearted, at the same time as alternatively he can counter the whole thing. He turned into certain they may get the fulfillment of their undertaking. He is going open the front of his car.

Akshat multiplied his car. The engine of Dr. vehicle became burning. He tells Niyati he will look forward to her in Shiv temple and desire her top luck.

Precap:- Akshat stops his automobile in front of Niyati. He says this is destiny, her vehicle went out of order in order that he could attain her. He says regardless of how a great deal Niyati tries, she won’t be stored from him. He hits Niyati along with his car.


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