Tantra 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kanchan creates a black smoke cloud to stop Niyati and Dr. Drusht from achieving the temple. The black smoke cloud intercepts their manner. They watch the formation head closer to them. Akshat laughs at them in recognition of the black cloud. The black cloud flies to them giving a jerk to Niyati and Dr. Drusht. Akshat orders the cloud to take the Shiv’s white powder faraway from him. They watch the bag empty over the flag because it turned into flown in a twister formation.

Kartik and Parth pay attention to Niyati’s voice.

Kanchan helps loosen the ropes of Akshat and orders him to finish both Niyati and Dr. Drusht. Dr. Drusht runs to clutch a nearby wood bunch for self-defence. Akshat clutches his neck tightly. Niyati asks Akshat to leave him, however, Akshat held him up in the air through the neck. Dr. Drusht was suffocating badly.

Niyati keeps to request Akshat however he contains Dr. Drusht up in his fingers and throws him down with big pressure. Dr. Drusht’s head hits a massive rock. Dr. Drusht tells Niyati that Akshat desires to kill her, she need to take him to temple and placed an amulet in his neck there. He warns Niyati that they don’t have enough time.

Akshat now turns to Niyati and throws a rock closer to them. Dr. Drusht pushes both of them aside. Niyati runs once more. Dr Drusht prays for Niyati’s help.

There at Jalsa, Prithvi and Sumati pray in anxiety. Niyati reaches close to temple.

Parth and Kartik come calling Niyati and Akshat in the woodland. Kartik asks Parth why they might come into the wooded area. Parth says he heard Niyati’s voice, he wonders if they’re in hassle. Dr Drusht gains consciousness and attempts to get up. Parth and Kartik determine to depart. Dr Drusht’s call was susceptible.

within the boundary of the temple, Akshat holds Niyati’s arm. She tries to get off his grip.
The Pooja continue at Jalsa.

Akshat becomes thrown away of the temple obstacles by a protecting shield. Niyati turned into able to get to God’s idol. She reveals the amulet around the temple. Akshat calls Niyati to come out of doors. Niyati steps up the stairs and finds the amulet.

Parth and Kartik return to Jalsa with the news about Niyati and Akshat.
Niyati steps outdoor the temple region but Akshat wasn’t around.

Parth and Kartik say they couldn’t find Niyati and Akshat everywhere. Sumati became tensed that this isn’t viable, she prays for her youngsters. Dadi turned into additionally tensed what if they’re in some hassle.
Akshat appears with Dr Drusht as a captive. The conditions he would only leave him if Niyati steps outside. Niyati carefully walks out of the circle. Akshat pushes Dr Drusht aside and holds Niyati on the dagger’s factor. Niyati one way or the other escape his grip.

PRECAP: Niyati efficaciously ties the amulet around Akshat’s neck. Kanchan smirks that it’s not smooth to counter her Tantra with an insignificant Amulet.


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