Tantra 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Niyati places in the amulet into Akshat’s neck forcefully. Dr Drusht inspects that his evil powers were captured in this amulets. Akshat wakes up, clueless. He doesn’t understand Dr Drusht. Niyati asks Akshat if he sincerely doesn’t recognize something. Akshat could only recollect their wedding. Dr Drusht asks Niyati to inform him of the whole thing. Niyati turned into worried that he’s going to get hurt, Akshat desired to recognise anyway. Niyati comes to hug Akshat and takes his promise that he gained’t take any excessive choice. Akshat makes the promise. Niyati tells him approximately his burnt residence, and his attempts over Niyati’s life.

Akshat sat on a bench in disbelief that he did all this. He wonders how he may be so misbehaving. He turned into doomed for not being able to forgive himself for an entire life. How he would be capable of doing that.

Niyati holds Akshat’s face and says he wasn’t in his senses. He did all that working as a puppet for someone. Akshat asserts he’s an assassin, he can’t stay peacefully and punish himself. He looks in the direction of a dagger. Dr Drusht stops Akshat pronouncing the actual wrongdoer is a person else. nowadays is MahaShrivastri, his wife placed her lifestyles at stake simplest to store him. He reminds Akshat that a few clever guys drank poison to save the world; similarly, Akshat must also do that. His wife, his electricity is with him; collectively they can face anything in life. Niyati forwards his hand which Akshat holds. They pass beforehand to take blessings from Shiv ji. Dr Drusht nods with a grin. Akshat’s frame becomes burning as he receives in the direction of the temple. He explains that it seemed he became being hurt by using 1000 needles.

Kanchan smirks that it’s not as clean to remove her Tantra so easily.

Dr Drusht is aware that the evil powers still exist inside Akshat. This amulet will work most effective for thirty days, and meanwhile, he’s going to sense such pain within the temple. Dr Drusht says they need to find out what kind of Tantra become accomplished over him. Niyati says Kanchan will by no means give info of Tantra, as closing time their plan become became down. Akshat holds Niyati’s face and guarantees to face beside her. Niyati says they must first pass domestic. She promises Maa to be at home till nighttime. They promise no longer to inform anybody within the family approximately it.

At Jalsa, Niyati hugged Sumati. Sumati became relieved to fulfil them. Niyati tells her that their vehicle went out of order. Ashutosh asks what passed off at the motorway later, there are a number of storage there. Parth and Kartik say they found Niyati’s cell telephone in any other car. absolutely everyone feels there has been some trouble. Akshat can’t walk, and Niyati looks vulnerable. Sumati asks them what the matter is ready. Akshat became geared up to tell the family. Akshat says a few goons stopped their manner and looted on them. They had to run for existence in the jungle. The police reach Jalsa that they couldn’t discover his daughter and son in law as yet. Prithvi asks them to set an inquiry for the goons who stopped them. The police desired to be aware of their statements. Dadi asks them to first take blessings from God. Niyati and Akshat share a look and move hand in hand closer to the temple. Akshat whispers to Niyati that she is aware of he can’t flow closer to the Moorti. Niyati says he can live at a distance. Akshat’s body starts to burn and harm yet again. Niyati was disturbed and attempts to govern his trembling hand and body.

The written replace of 28 February 2019 Tantra episode update online story ends.

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Precap: Upcoming Tantra episode update Akshat and Niyati sat in a meeting with Kanchan. Kanchan tells Akshat that he killed a female upon her instructions. he’ll similarly have to ruin the whole Khanna own family. Akshat clutches Kanchan’s neck, she holds Akshat’s amulet in her arms.


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