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Kanchan says tomorrow her own family gets their justice, her father, mother and Saudamini Masi. Astha asks to depart. Kanchan says there will be Amavas’ Pooja day after today, satan’s Pooja. She would possibly need her.
Daksh and Niyati had been within the neighbor’s residence to peer what Kanchan desires. Kanchan got here out to get hold of guys draped in black dress. they’d introduced all of the objects for sacrifice to devil. Daksh tells Niyati that Kanchan plans to present a sacrifice of her circle of relatives to devil, this can flip her extraordinarily powerful. Niyati thinks about Tantra village, and tells Daksh they must cross there.
Akshat changed into inside the jail. He wish he was with Niyati, however Kanchan were given him locked up here. He prays for Niyati’s assist and train a very good lesson to Kanchan. Kanchan’s helper within the jail changed into intrigued by Akshat’s wish.
It turned into overdue at night, Kanchan still stood beside the guys preparing for the sacrificial Pooja. They name for folks that need to be sacrificed.
Daksh asks Niyati about the guidelines of Tantra village, as they’ve very little time. They have been only five minutes farther.
There, Kanchan smirks as all people from the circle of relatives walk downstairs. Kanchan says this Pooja is for safety from black magic or evil eye. Sumati says Kanchan could be very pleasant, she cares for them. Prithvi says their circle of relatives wished this Pooja, they will get benefits this manner.
Niyati tells Daksh she asked for help and they have to be right here anytime. Kanchan applies the black tillak on every person. Guru ji’s students come to ask Niyati where they must cross. Niyati replies Jalsa. they arrive along.
Kanchan orders every family member to take their vicinity. all of them walk towards the positions. A rod hung from the roof.
Baba reaches Jalsa with Niyati with Daksh. They recognizes this house has been empowered with the aid of dark powers. they say they should suppress the darkish powers, and the sounds of mantra need to echo in each nook of the residence.
The circle of relatives inside had worn the hanging ropes into their necks to provide their sacrifice.
Daksh gives a loudspeaker to Guru ji. They study the chant aloud while heading in the direction of Jalsa’s major entrance. Kanchan became concerned wherein this voice of Mantra echo from. She thinks this time Niyati can’t beat Kanchan.
Kanchan comes internal and performs Tantra. Guru jee had reached the primary front of Jalsa. Niyati says they ought to spoil this door, as Kanchan has locked the windows as nicely. Kanchan turned into distracted as the main door of Jalsa fell open. Guru jee, Daksh and every body enter Jalsa and have been greatly surprised to see the circle of relatives at verge of striking themselves up. They blink their eyes as the Mantra echo of their ears.

Precap Upcoming Tantra episode update: Niyati stops Kanchan from black magic. She warns Kanchan might see her dying face her and points a gun at her forehead.


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