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all of sudden, the family blinks and had been shocked to peer themselves status in the stools with ropes around their necks for striking. Kanchan trembles out of fury. Sumati wonders what’s happening. Prithvi asks where this rope come from. Daksh says he can explain what became happening here. Kanchan as a substitute says she can inform them, she questions Daksh what they are doing here. Kanchan says they don’t want the Pooja to take place inside the residence. She asks Prithvi those people don’t want them to do the Pooja, and this lady came here to kill them. Niyati claims she is telling a lie, Niyati persuade the own family that Kanchan is doing the Pooja in order that she will kill them. She requests her family to apprehend her. Prithvi and Sumati stood clueless. Kanchan felt helpless, then is going to blow the whistle from her Pooja. It

hurts Niyati, Daksh and Guru ji and his college students. Prithvi and others stay unaffected and walk in the direction of the Tantra stage. Guru Ji says they can get stuck in the internet of Tantra. Daksh asks Niyati to go away this area and they all run outside.
outdoor, Niyati continue to stop Baba. She says she holds high hopes from them. Baba says he doesn’t need to get caught within the Tantra of that girl, his meditation may be helpless. They depart. Daksh and Niyati were left helpless.
Tantrik say they need to redo all the pooja once more, as those Aghori left their Pooja useless. Kanchan tells them to continue.
Niyati was tensed how she will keep her own family. She changed into headed internal, Daksh tells her to attend to discover every other manner. Niyati says they don’t have any other way. Daksh says half of the night time has long gone, he now is familiar with what they should do. Daksh receives an concept.

inside the prison, the helper of Kanchan tells Akshat she is conscious what Kanchan wants. She helped her while she became in jail. today, she wants to repent, as she used her for selfish wishes. Akshat says if she clearly desires to repent she must allow him cross, his wife’s own family is in hassle; he needs to stop them.

Daksh tells Niyati that Amawas night will bypass through in three hours. Afterwards, Kanchan’s powers could be reduced. They should prevent this Pooja.

The lady constable comes with keys for Akshat. She says she gained’t be able to help him the next day for breaking the prison, however at the least these days she ought to help him. Akshat makes a decision to go and help Niyati in Jalsa.

Niyati involves Jalsa. She tells Kanchan she has best one manner left. She factors a gun toward Kanchan’s brow. Kanchan says Niyati could be exactly like her after a single murder.

There, Akshat drops the keys making noise and waking the guards of prison. They factor guns in the direction of Akshat as he turned into outside the prison bars. The girl constable hits the back of their heads by means of a stick and alerts Akshat to depart.

At Jalsa, Daksh throw a white powder within the Tantra Pooja. The hearth turned into distinguished. Niyati says she handiest desired to divert Kanchan’s interest, she could in no way kill her; now how she will be able to do the Pooja. Anawas night time will result in hours. this means Kanchan lost once more. Kanchan became furious.

Akshat runs out of Police station. The constable informs the top region and go searching for Akshat. He changed into hiding in the back of a police van. The woman constable shows him a manner, and leads the constable to the alternative course.

Kanchan tells Daksh it’s their false impression that she lost. She might have been effective if she got their sacrifice in this Amawas, but this sacrifice will take location. Her Tantra nevertheless controls her circle of relatives, they may be status like slaves. She marks a cut on her arm, and marks a cut on her arm; then orders them to hang themselves with the ones ropes and finish their troubles as soon as and for all. She tells Niyati that her family will commit suicide, however Niyati will stand helpless.

PRECAP: Kanchan alternatives a gun. Niyati asks Akshat to take everybody away earlier than Kanchan can take some other step. Kanchan makes an aerial fireplace.


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