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Niyati and Kanchan struggle with dagger held in the direction of Niyati. The own family had reached there. Akshat prevents Kanchan from attacking Niyati. Sumati involves Saudamini and slaps her while she changed into tied to a pole. Niyati says it’s due to Saudamini that their Nirwan misplaced his lifestyles, and Mohan and Geeta have been engulped with the aid of the walls of Kanchan. Even Kanchan is involved in this sport. Prithvi says they need to be in jail and tells Akshat to name police. Kanchan receives her ropes loosen and leaves home. Akshat tells Prithvi they are able to discover Kanchan later on, but first off there’s a niche in Jalsa wherein Saudamini had accomplished Tantra. Its somewhere in the shop room. Guru jee comes and asks them to steer him in the direction of that location. Sunaina turned into ready to take them to keep room where Kanchan was concerned somewhere.

Guru jee works with a Diya and says it will lead them there. He works with his Mantra. Guru jee factors towards the trunk and asks them to remove this trunk. Akshat pushes the trunk aside, Prithvi joins him within the pressure. there was a hidden door underneath, Akshat pulls the door. all of us was taken aback as they take a look at the Tantra in the basement. Saudamini turned into involved that if that Tantric succeeds to undo her Tantra, her Tantra will itself be towards her. She location her eye over a pitcher on the desk. in the basement, Sumati watches the own family’s snap shots and cries looking Nirwan’s image with the cross of blood over it. Guru jee tells Niyati to take a seat for the Havan, they could’t lose a single minute. Niyati’s condition get worse as Guru je performs the chant.

There, Saudamini had taken preserve of a tumbler piece from the broken glass and untie her rope.
Niyati’s nostril bleeds. Guru jee says the Tantra had started out with the blood of Niyati’s father, it is able to only be undone with Niyati’s blood. Niyati holds a dagger. She says he turned into incorrect, the tale began with the blood of Pratab Khanna however it is going to be undone by the daughter of Prithvi Khanna.

Saudamini takes a knife on her manner to basement.

Niyati marks a cut over her wrist. Saudamini entered the basement and turned into approximately to attack Niyati. Niyati’s blood drips over the Havan. Saudamini and her infused Tantra throughout Jalsa burns on itself. Jalsa became protected in black smoke all round. Saudamini loses her life. Guru jee announces that the devil infused in the residence is long past. Sumati cries and opens her hands for Niyati, assisting her stand at the same time as she become weak. Prithvi holds her hand and asks Guru jee what befell to her. Guru jee says Niyati stored it hidden from them, however with the upward push of day after today’s sun Niyati will go away this international. She succumbs herself for her circle of relatives, there was no different treatment.

Niyati apologizes Prithvi and asks Sumati to say as soon as that she has forgiven her. Sumati cries and kiss her brow announcing she is apologetic to Niyati for misunderstanding her. she can’t bear to lose Niyati. Akshat asks Niyati how he’s going to stay without her, i like you and can sacrifice my life for Niyati. Prithvi seems towards Akshat. Niyati confess her love in tears for Akshat. Prithvi and Akshat requests Guru jee to shop Niyati. Sunaina says there’s a way out. If its lifestyles for existence, blood for blood; then this lifestyles may be hers as well. Guru jee says she will need to vow as Niyati vowed. Sunaina asks him to start, she will be able to do what Niyati vowed for. Sunaina now marks a cut on her wrist while Guru jee intensifies his Mantra. The blood drops inside the Havan, Sunaina fells on the ground. Niyati bends to preserve her hand and asks why she did so. Sunaina says she gave beginning to Niyati, she can also provide her life.

She offers Niyati’s obligation to Sumati like she has done earlier. She handiest wants to listen the phrase Maa from Niyati. Niyati calls her Maa, Sunaina lose the warfare of her lifestyles. ,a few days later, it become morning in Jalsa. JK asks Prithvi why each person is silent. Sumati says JK was badly flawed. Prithvi laughs and hugs JK and asks why he couldn’t note that their youngsters are in love. He broadcasts that from friends to enterprise partners, they’re going to be Samdhi. Niyati and Akshat come collectively. each person gets critical at once. Akshat was worried and asks what occurred. Sumati walks to Niyati critically, but covers Niyati’s head with her Pallu. She then smiles that everybody is thoughtful how they’ll study bride and groom. Relieved, Niyati and Akshat smile at each different.

Akshat and Niyati head to take blessings from Sumati, JK, Prithvi and the rest of circle of relatives. Prithvi comes to a decision for their marriage on the earliest available date. Kanchan stood outside and thinks she will be able to do such a Tantra over Akshat and Niyati’s marriage that their lifestyles will turn into hell.
Kanchan performs a risky Tantra over Niyati and Akshat’s marriage.

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Tantra 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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