Tantra Written Update 4th March 2019: Dr. Drusht Tries To Get The Roots Of Tantra
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Tantra 4th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dr. Drusht comes to meet Niyati and Akshat and desired to recognize what they spoke to Kanchan. Niyati says she tried to snatch the amulet from Akshat’s neck. they’ll ought to take a few steps urgently. Akshat says they can be certain Kanchan won’t tell them something. Dr. Drusht says they have other approaches as nicely. He recollects Niyati told him that Akshat’s behavior changed right after their wedding; this indicates it became the time Kanchan did the Tantra. Dr. Drusht suggests about past Regression therapy of Akshat, and doing it the next day. Akshat reminds the next day is motel starting rite.
the subsequent morning, Sumati sat with Niyati and located wet fabric over her brow. They wonder how Niyati were given such excessive fever in a single night time. Niyati asks all people to go away, she could be fine with Akshat. They watch every body get

into the auto and go away. Sumati wonders why she feels disappointed. soon afterwards, Dr. Drusht arrives at Jalsa. Niyati and Akshat welcome him interior. Dr. Drusht offers Niyati a bag and asks her to wait outside. Niyati leaves the house with the bag.
Dr. Drusht applies a few electric sensors over Akshat’s frame and spreads a white powder around him. Niyati walks outside into the garden. quickly, the powder round Akshat turns inexperienced, so does the stone located over his forehead. Dr. Drusht speaks to Akshat that Kanchan is able to see the entirety thru this black powers, he should also try and peek into his past; he shouldn’t open his eyes and control himself.
There, Kanchan wakes up sensing his Tantra on danger. She gets rid of a brick from behind the stool in her mobile, there has been a black bag hidden inside the hollow. She works with the Tantra turning it right into a black cloud. She instructs the cloud to stop the guys intervening her way.
Akshat’s mind works with the pressure of power. Akshat may want to see the marriage. The Guru Jee victimized by using Kanchan… He may want to see Kanchan observe the Guru jee.
out of doors Jalsa, Niyati watch a huge bat fly to her and grab the protecting bag off her hand. It turned into a cloud of bat coming near to assault Niyati.
Akshat should see that Guru jee was in a hurry and desired to forestall some thing terrible from taking place at the day of wedding. Kanchan was attacking Guru jee. Dr. Drusht inquires Akshat what took place to Guru jee; Akshat replies Guru jee wasn’t alive anymore and won’t be able to prevent the wedding. Dr. Drusht asks Akshat to return to Jalsa and discern out what became that in the wedding which Guru jee didn’t want.
out of doors, it became dark. Niyati become worried to look the cloud of bat. She thinks about a manner to forestall them make lots noise.
Dr. Drusht asks Akshat if he can find Kanchan inside the wedding ceremony. Akshat says as quickly as he carried out the sindoor, the lights went off. He felt like killing Niyati. Dr. Drusht senses that all of it came about earlier than their wedding ceremony. He asks Akshat to move little greater inside the beyond.
Niyati recalls Dr. Drusht’s advice to apply Baboot if any risk. The cloud of bat approached Niyati. one of the bat hits at her hand and the Baboot fell off.
PRECAP: Dr. Drusht in the end asks Akshat what Kanchan is doing in Niyati’s room. Sumati attain Jalsa then, Niyati runs interior. Sumati enters the residence and appears on.


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