Taramani Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Taramani Telugu Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

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Taramani Movie Reviews & Ratings

As time goes on, so does the audience’s passion. Routine commercial films have become outdated and popular for content-based films. As appropriate, the filmmakers are coming up with new stories. They are trying to connect young people with their stories by looking at the developments in the current generation. Taramani is the latest film to make such an effort. The film, which hit Tamil in 2017, was released in Telugu. And let’s look at the extent to which this film is connected to Telugu audiences.

Story Of Taramani Telugu Movie Based On:-

Prabhuraj (Vasant Ravi) comes to Chennai at the behest of his father and joins a call center job. There he is introduced to Soumya (Anjali), a traditional-minded person working in a software company opposite his office. Prabhu, who loved her as a cynic, immediately asked her to go to America. 3 lakhs to help. However, Soumya who went to the US with the money, will not be able to return the money due to certain circumstances and married a Telugu man in the USA who is not in love.

Prabhu, who became a madwoman with a heavy beard with Love Failure … breaks up with her husband and becomes acquainted with Modern Woman Althea Johnson (Andrea). Their relationship, which began as a friendship, then becomes a love affair, and the two coexist. Saaho Full Movie Download

Positive Points of the Taramani Telugu Movie:-

Altiya bitch is seen in the eyes of society with habits such as wearing skirts up to the knees, moving in close quarters with men, shooting cigarettes and taking drugs. And is Althea really a false man? What were the consequences after Prabhuraj’s entry into her life? How did Prabhuraj cheat at Soumya’s case and act on Althea? Why did Soumya miss him? Is the next story.

Negative Points of the Taramani Telugu Movie:-

In terms of performance …. Vasant Ravi plays Prabhuraj. His appearance, which is perfect for the character, is also a plus. Andrea Performance debuted as Modern Girl’s Althea. Throughout the film, her character is a highlight, impressed by its beauty and acting. Anjali played a small (guest) role. Needless to say, she doesn’t have a big scope in terms of performance. Those who played the other roles seemed frivolous.

The music provided by Yuvan Shankar Raja is good. Audiences watching the film get the feel good experience because the songs are part of the story. Editing by Shrikar Prasad is no exception. Theni Ishwar’s cinematography is okay. In terms of technical aspects, structural values ​​are satisfactory

Watch or not? Taramani Telugu Movie:-

How is the relationship between lovers in this generation? How do they behave if they break up? Ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends are going to get into trouble. Do people who believe in us so much be honest with us? Who are they? How bad are they? Evaluating the elements and trying to move the story closer to reality.

Taramani Telugu Movie Last Verdict:-

The way the screenplay plays out is not fair. In some cases, the film is pulled, and in some cases the unnecessary things are added to the film. There is nothing quite as boring as there is. But the story is so complicated that people may not want it so quickly. Doubt like this made an attempt to clarify the story through the background voice of the director.

‘Taramani’ is a slightly different love story. Attempting to explain the actual conditions in this generation is good. But to what extent is the story for young people? Success depends on whether.

Rating Of Taramani Movie 5/3 Tellyupdates.Me

Star Cast: Andrea Jeremiah, Anjali, Vasanth Ravi, Alagam Perumal, Nivas Adithan

Director: Ram


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