Tejasswi Prakash And Ashim Gulati Whatsapp Accounts Hacked Its Coincidence

TV show Karna Sangini actor Aseem Gulati has complained that her WhatsApp account has been hacked. Shortly after, Asim Gulati’s co-actress Tejashwi Prakash has complained that his WhatsApp account has also been hacked. Apparently it is surprising how two WhatsApp accounts that work together in the same serial can hack their WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. Now we can only express apprehension that it is happening by chance or there is some other reason behind it.

Talking about Aakim Gulati and the stunning front of Tejashwi Prakash, both are playing the role of Karna and Princess Urvi respectively. On October 31, Aseem had alerted friends from his Facebook account that his WhatsApp account has been compromised. Do not reply to their WhatsApp calls and messages. Within two days, Tejashwi Prakash gave a similar complaint that his WhatsApp is also hacked. The actress has reported this through the story of her Instagram account.

Spy on whatsapp account in worldwide discussion

These days WhatsApp account is being discussed in the world. There have been some such cases in the country, in which some people have claimed to have spied WhatsApp account. However remember that espionage and hacking are different things. By the way, our celebrities often fall prey to hacking and trolling in the world. We have heard many times that Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account of this celebrity has been hacked.


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