Flaming discrimination
Former professional footballer Aikido – (C) Fuji TV / East · entertainment

Former professional footballer Fukuda Ai Uni (Aio) who appeared in Karuizawa edition “Terrace Houses OPENING NEW DOORS” of the popular reality program “Terrace House OPENING NEW DOORS” said on 13th, “Because there are people who write discriminatory remarks in the comments field I want you to stop it. ” (There are some spoiler)

Karuizawa edited by the 49th episode delivered on Netflix on the 12th in the final round. On the show, Aiku and college student Yui Tanaka became a couple with a sunny day. However, at the beginning it was a gratification that was said to be “the strongest angel in the history of Terraja”, but the nature gradually became apparent, and on the net also “criticized as” personality “on the net.

Aiku also raised himself on the shelf and together with his girlfriend, he remarks such as making the model Tanigawa Nasako a bad guy and living in the last post about the contents of the broadcast 700 More than one comment was received, and it was in a state of great roughness.

The next day after the last round, Aiki said, “Life at the terrace house has ended There were lots of things but a wonderful companion was made making it the best memory In a short period of time I got a lot of life studies.” And updated Instagram.

There seemed to be a discriminatory comment against Aiku University with American father and Japanese mother in part, “Although it does not matter how you look at the terrace house, there is a discrimination remark in the comment column of the instant I think that I want you to stop it because there is someone to write. ”

“I also want you to think that there are other people who are saddened by seeing it, so I’m sorry if there are people who have been hurt by that.”

“TERRACE HOUSE OPENING NEW DOORS” is being distributed on Netflix, broadcasting on Friday TV every Monday late at night


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