Thambi Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Thambi Tamil Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

The story of a sister who lost her father for 15 years, and the story of her father and his son who wanted to return. The title ‘Thambi’ was directed by Seeman in the 2006 film Madhavan, which has retained the title. Family Politics

Jodhika’s brother goes missing 15 years ago. Father Sathyaraj is reuniting him with his family. Mother Sita Grandma Chewkar Janaki hope their son / grandson will finally join them? There are many questions and answers to why Thampi left the film. Sillu Karupatti Full Movie Download

Karti, who is a tourist in Goa, calls her his son But Sathiraj only knows that Karthi is not their real son. He is very happy that he is coming. Thinking that he is Saravanan, a gang plans to kill him. Karthi escapes from them to become Saravanan. What is the situation of Karthi if the real Saravanan comes? The rest of the story is the answer to many such questions.

This is the first time Karthi and Jodhika are acting together. The first half is just a little bit of film. The screenplay moves as to who Saravanan is. There is a lot of Twist and Tern in the film, which is an added strength to the film. Karthi plays a dual role.

Jodhika’s performance as a sister is very realistic. Legendary actress Chewkar Janaki has given a good performance after a long break. Nikila Wimal is nominally starring. The love scenes of Karthi and Nikla Vimal did not satisfy the fans. Govind Vasantha was very much a side to the music film.

The director with a lot of Twist thrill in the film and his pace slowed down in some ways. Karthi said that Sathyaraj would be playing the role of the father in the film. The first half of Thambi’s film is romantic and full of scenes and moves with many things. Some things have left the image blurred in some places. The second half moves in a very interesting way.

Only the brother could swim in the water of passion. If we had some more classic scenes, we would have thought for years as a sibling. Many people hold the same verse as a mother in another house, and that is the real truth. Not even a tragic father, a loving sister. Some of the people we meet in real life are used to being born with us. Even Parendutta alone can not help. The word Thambi is the peak of love, and only those who have experienced it can understand it.

Chaukar Janaki played a little tricky speech without speaking. But it was a little sad to see a woman sitting on a wheelchair, without scriptures. In the next films, he still has to talk and act in good health. Surya Jodhika, Jodhika Karthi, Surya Jodhika and Sivakumar have seen many combinations in this family. It is not surprising that by the year 2020 the four of them will star in a movie together.

Aswant is another great relaxation petty boy in the movie Thambi. Many of the verses he speaks make him laugh in many places. Mouse alone, naughty, he expresses so much beauty. The director is so beautifully useful. Jeetu Joseph is a mix of suspense, crime, anxiety, wonder, panic, fear, affection and all in one mix. He has done it as well as he can in this film. The brother has escaped from the affection of the sister.


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