Thanka Bhasma Kuriyitta Thamburatty Full Movie Leaked Online In HD Quality For Free Download By Piracy Website Tamilrockers 2019

Thanka Bhasma Kuriyitta Thamburatty Malayalam Full Movie Leaked Online To Download By Tamilrockers 2019

When we see the movie ‘Thamburatti’, which is about to become a thunderbolt, the first person who comes to us is the actor Kalabhavan Nawaz. This is because the actor is making a comeback after a long time with the character of SI Rajan. In the film, you will find that a different SI character, a Kollankar, has been able to experience a different way of self-discipline.

Thanka Bhasma Kuriyitta Thamburatty Movie Reviews & Ratings

SI Rajan is a character that can be traced back to Mammootty’s inspector Balram, from throat and eyewitness to SI to police. As Nawaz makes his comeback, the film will mark the 2019 Malayalam cinema history.

Story Of Thanka Bhasma Kuriyitta Thamburatty Movie Based On:-

Characteristically speaking, she has been telling the story of love, marriage, absconding and disappearance of the bride for a long time. But the old age of these performances is what drives the film away from the audience. Though a new generation trend is trying to bring in the name, Jairam films from the nineties come to mind. Needless to say, there are often times when a character hiding behind the voice of Vidukshan comes across as dialogues and occasionally hints at storytelling using a tettle card. But the reason why the hero doesn’t want a wedding is because the bride is a VIP prostitute. If the theme had been brought out differently, it would have been made into a completely different film. But not all that much homework has come from the screenwriter and director.

Watch or not? Thanka Bhasma Kuriyitta Thamburatty Movie:-

There is no question in the film but metaphorically, there is a lot of logical error in the film. This brings a lot of stereotypes and boring looks to the film. The first example of this is the character Manu. Though the actor is well-acted and beautifully composed, it is the character who revolves around the audience.

Thanka Bhasma Kuriyitta Thamburatty Movie Final Verdict:-

The lonely mistress is not a bad movie. But there is nothing new in the presentation that is holding back the film. However, newcomers such as Bhagat Manuel, Devika Nambiar, Arjun, Chembil Asokan, Sudhir Karamana and others are not to be admired. But when it comes to background scoring, it is often thought that background music is the only way to eliminate this.

Rating Of Thanka Bhasma Kuriyitta Thamburatty Movie 5/3 Tellyupdates.Me

Directed by: Sujan Aromal

Main Artists : Chempil Asokan, Baiju, Jaffer Idukki


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