That song, COLD WAR, two hearts
“COLD WAR that song, two hearts” from Amazon Studios / Photofest / Getty Images

The 33rd American Cinematographers’ Association (ASC) Award to recognize excellent achievements in cinematography technology was announced , suppressed Alfonso · Cureon director’s ” ROMA / Roma ” which was high in previous reputation , and monochrome movie ” COLD WAR that Song, two hearts “photography director Ukash Jar got the award.

Jal was awarded the ASC Prize Spotlight Award in the movie ” Eida ” in 2013, but was awarded alongside Lenzewski as he participated as a filming director after descending from Richelto Lenciowski who was the film director of the movie . “COLD WAR that song, two hearts” will be awarded by photographing the whole story alone.

The television division has won “The Crown” for the second consecutive year. Besides, a prize is awarded to “Patrick Melrose” and “Beyond”.


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