The British Academy Award
The British Academy Award “ROMA / Rome” awards works! “Majesty’s favourite” is the most seven divisions

At the local time, 10 days, the British Academy Awards (BAFTA) awards ceremony was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and director Alfonso Cualon’s ” ROMA / Roma ” received a prize, director, photography award, foreign language film I won a prize. Maximum awards were seven divisions of the movie ” Majesty’s favourite” set in England at the beginning of the 18th century.

“ROMA / Roma” was set in Mexico in the 1970s, a story developed by Cureon’s childhood memories. At the 91st US Academy Awards announced on the 25th local time, it is said that 10 of the most Thai sectors have been nominated, and it can be said that it was said that it was one step closer to the work prize at this award.

In addition, “Favorite of the Queen” received the British Film Award, Best Actress Award ( Olivia Coleman ), Supporting Actress Award ( Rachel Weisz ), Costume Design Award, Make-Hair Styling Award, Screenplay Award, Art Prize. This is also nine sectors nominated at the Academy Awards, and expectations are given for winning in multiple divisions.

In addition, in the main division, ” Bohemian Rhapsody ” Rami Marek got the best actor award, ” Maharashara Ali ” of the ” green book ” won the supporting actor award. The animation film award ” Winner of Spider-Man: Spider Bath ” has won.

Major awards results for the British Academy Awards in 2019 are as follows.

■ Work Award 
“ROMA / Rome”

■ Director Award 
Alfonso · Cureon “ROMA / Roma”

■ Best Actor Award 
Rami Marek “Bohemian Rhapsody”

■ Best actress award 
Olivia Coleman “Majesty’s favourite”

Supporting Actor Award 
Maharashara · Ali “Green Book”

Supporting actress award 
Rachel Wise “Majesty’s favourite”

■ Screenplay Awards 
Deborah Davis, Tony McNamara “His Majesty’s favourite”

■ Leg Color Award 
Spike Lee, Charlie Walter, David Ravinowitz, Kevin Wilmott ” Black · Clansman

■ Photography Award 
Alphonso · Cureon “ROMA / Roma”

■ Art Prize 
Fiona · Crombie, Alice · Felton “My Queen’s favourite”

■ Editorial Award 
Hank · Cowin ” Vice “

■ Costume Design Award 
Sandy Powell “Your Majesty’s favourite”

■ Make-Hair Styling Award 
Nadia Stacy “My Majesty’s favourite”

■ Visual Effect Award 
” Black Panther “

■ Acoustic Prize 
“Bohemian Rhapsody”

■ Composition Awards 
Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Lucas Nelson ” Ally / Star Birth “

■ Anime movie prize 
“Spider-Man: Spider Bath”

■ Foreign Language Film Award 
“ROMA / Roma”

■ British Film Prize 
“Majesty’s favourite”


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