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This actress could not tell Kapil Sharma the name of the fruit, the comedy king said – you too are poor like us…This video of Kapil Sharma is becoming very viral. In this video, Amaira is seen having fun with Dastur.

Kapil Sharma’s show was attended by the team of ‘Prabandham’ this week, with the film’s lead actor Sanjay Dutt, his wife Manyata Dutt, actress Amyra Dastur and Ali Fazal also on the set. Were present. In ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Kapil Sharma had a lot of fun with Sanjay Dutt and his departure team. But the special occasion came when Kapil Sharma made fun of actress Amyra Dastur for a fruit.

The conversation was going on in Kapil Sharma’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and then everyone’s eyes went to the fruits of Kapil Sharma’s house, which are lying on the table. On this, Kapil Sharma picked up a fruit and then Amyra Dastur asked which fruit it is, then Kapil Sharma pulled it and said, ‘You are poor like us …’

Hearing this from Kapil Sharma, Actress Amyra Dastur was a little embarrassed, and said that I know what fruit it is, we always see it sliced. But Kapil Sharma did not let any opportunity to flirt right in amusement with Amaira Dastur.

Kapil Sharma asked Sanjay Dutt when he would come to politics and said – I love donkey riding…Kapil Sharma’s show was fiercely banged up with Sanjay Dutt’s entry. Sanjay Dutt first appeared on Kapil Sharma’s show …

The Kapil Sharma Show: Sanjay Dutt’s entry in Kapil Sharma’s show went viral with a bang. Sanjay Dutt came to Kapil Sharma’s show for the first time and its happiness was evident in the face of Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma asked with Sanjay Dutt’s entry that I was waiting for you for a long time. This time Sanjay Dutt replies, ‘It was a coincidence that when your show was running, I was in, and when I came out, your show stopped.’ Hearing this dialogue of Sanjay Dutt, Kapil Sharma and all of the atmosphere started echoing with laughter. Sanjay Dutt has reached Kapil Sharma’s show for the promotion of his next film ‘Prasthanam’.

Kapil Sharma’s next question with Sanjay Dutt is related to his film. Kapil Sharma asks Sanjay Dutt that you are saying in your film ‘Prasthanam’ that politics is riding a lion, if it lands. Your father rode a lion, your sister is also riding a lion, and what do you intend? To this Sanjay Dutt replies that I like donkey riding. In this way, the Kapil Sharma Show resonates loudly. In Kapil Sharma’s show, Sanjay Dutt was accompanied by his wife Manyata Dutt and the entire team of ‘Departure’.

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