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Govinda Got Married Third Time On The Kapil Sharma Show: The veteran actor Govinda married his wife Sunita for the third time. Actually, Govinda and his wife Sunita, who reached the sets of Kapil Sharma, remarried during a task to entertain the audience. Govinda’s wife Sunita said that Govinda would have been fine if he had done two more affair.

Kapil Sharma is famous for having an amazing task for entertainment on his comedy show. On this weekend’s show on Sunday, he is seen getting Govinda and Sunita married again. Govinda is arriving as guest with daughter Tina Ahuja and wife Sunita Ahuja who arrived on the show. Famous singer Gajendra Verma was also present during this time.

Govinda, who arrived on Kapil’s show, danced to the songs of his old films. During this, on the call of Kapil Sharma, Govinda filled the vermilion with wife Sunita Ahuja in front of the audience on the set itself. Wife Sunita also took blessings by touching the feet of her husband Govinda. On this, Kapil asked Sunita Ahuja that Govinda, who had already married you twice, married you again for the third time, how do you feel.

While answering Kapil’s question, Sunita Ahuja jokingly said that Govinda would have been fine if he had done two more affairs. Hearing this answer from Sunita, the entire audience including Kapil Sharma and Archana started laughing loudly. On the set, Govinda also entertained people by working with Bharti and Chandan. The show will be aired today or Sunday.

The Kapil Sharma Show: Bollywood actor Govinda, along with his family, came out with a laugh this week on Sony TV’s famous comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. During this, there was a lot of fun in the show. However, on one of Kapil Sharma’s questions, Govinda’s wife gives such an answer that Govinda’s speech also stops. In fact, this time Chichi his daughter and wife with Kapil Sharma arrive at the show (Kapil Sharma). During this, Kapil Sharma asked Sunita the question and said, “When you have a fight with the head, you go to the market and shop with their credit cord until Sir Shori speaks.”

On this question of Kapil Sharma, Govinda’s wife Sunita (Sunita) said, “They do not even have a credit cord, all I keep with me.” Govinda says on this that when the servants do some discus among themselves, they say, ‘Go ask Ma’am Saab, there she does everything, what is it about Sir, she is just like that’.

On hearing Govinda’s talk, all the people present there are laughed with laughter. This funny video of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is becoming very viral. Kapil Sharma enjoys it a lot, and there are laughter all over the set. In this way, Kapil Sharma’s ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ always contains a lot of laughter and fun. This video of the Kapil Sharma show has been shared by Sony TV’s Instagram account.

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