The Kapil Sharma Show 24th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

All the celebrities made a funny and advantageous ecosystem of the stage, Manoj Tiwari favoured the CCL.

Kapil Sharma is lower back with its 2nd season, and the show won its last pace and receiving a brilliant response like its preceding season. inside the last episode, we’ve got seen that overall Dhamaal crew came n the level of The Kapil Sharma show and remained in entire episodes. in the Today day episode, Sunil Shetty will go and rock the show because of the part of the superstar cricket league.

The show enthusiastically began with Kapil Sharma, Kapil Sharma introduced the access of Sunil Shetty and Sohail Khan. Kapil Sharma welcomed each star. Kapil Sharma preferred Sunil Shetty and Sohail for their bodily fitness. They each their purpose why they got here within the show and Sohail shared how the celebrity cricket league fashioned and how his 14 player crew made by using Sunil Shetty in 5 mins. in spite of everything, celebrities who are along with in the movie star cricket league came on degree. in any case, the celebs did some funny talks on stage. Sohail Khan shared the revel in of the sixth league with all.

all of the celebrities made a funny and high quality atmosphere of the degree, Manoj Tiwari favored the CCL. all the stars shared their group enjoy within the CCL. Manoj Tiwari sang his famous music Rinkiya Ke Papa and also gave a bit dance overall performance all celebrities be part of him. Kapil asked why the CCL did no longer take the stunning brand ambassador of the groups, and Sohal replies that how ladies have a lack of awareness approximately cricket that they could’t differentiate between a six and a intention after Kapil made amusing of Navjot Sidhu and asked him again about the 1990’s incident.

Krishna as Sapna got here on stage and esteemed Sohail and Sunil’s workout that how hard exercise the do. He started out entertaining all of the celebrities and made them chortle out loud, Sapna did funny talks about the league, and all loved. Manoj Tiwari mimicked of Ravi Kishan and stated that he is a awesome actor but a vulnerable cricketer.

After Bhojpuri Dabang crew shared a moment about a movie, Kiku came as Bachcha Yadav and commenced to entertain all the celebrities. The show keeps with laughing, and Bharti as Titli joined the stage with Bachcha Yadav. Bachacha Yadav ended up together with his jokes. Sunil Shetty reperformed the epic dialog of his movie. It become another extraordinary and humorous show of Kapil Sharma season 2. all the celebrities said that they’re privileged that they got here inside the show and with taking selfie the show ended with Manoj music.


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