The Kapil Sharma Show will be seen next week with Bollywood actress Kajol and Karan Johar entertaining the audience with their funny stories.

The Kapil Sharma Show: Kajol Shocked After Hearing About Karan Johar Secret

“The Kapil Sharma Show” the fans of Bollywood’s two best friends Karan Johar ‘s and mascara to a guest’s arrival much fun. Kajol and Karan will be seen to reveal a lot of fun about each other on the show. The channel has shared the promo video of this episode on its social media page, in which both stars are watching Kapil with their funny stories and laughing at the audience.

In the promo, Kapil knows a secret of Karan Johar, which Kajol did not even know about. While disclosing Raj, Kapil said that wherever Karan passes, they carry three large suitcases and one of them is filled with colorful underwear. Listening to this, Kajol gets shocked and laughs loudly. Kajol told about his first meeting with Karan on the show, who would not stop everyone from listening to him.

At the same time Kapil Archana asks Karan to pinpoint Purnan Singh, whether he had approached Archana for the first time for Kancha Chika’s role. The fans of Karan and Kajol have often seen both of them singing together on Karan’s chat show ‘Coffee With Karan’. But this is the first time when both stars will be seen as guest at some other show. There is nothing less than a treat for the fans to see the duo pair together. Let’s say that on this Kapil Sharma’s show, this wizard Kajol and Karan Johar will be seen entertaining the audience with their funny stories.


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