Kapil Sharma apologizes to Kayastha society for making fun of Chitragupta during the show

The Maharashtra government has given permission to start shooting at Film City from June 20. Preparations have also started for the shooting of ‘The Kapil Sharma’ show in Film City. Archana Puran Singh has said that apart from the actors who promoted the film, this time Corona Warriors will also be seen in the show.

It is also rumored that Sonu Sood will be the first guest on the show. According to Republic World, Kapil will start shooting for the show from June 24. Kalkar is not coming to promote his film due to the closure of the theater, so Corona Warriors will be invited to the show.

Archana Puran Singh said, “We can compliment these people by inviting them to our show. Not only Bollywood guests but also many other types of guests can be seen. “


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