Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump, the lowest actor in the documentary film – Scott Olson / Getty Images

Last year to elect a minimum of movies that have been published in the United States, the 39th Golden Raspberry Award (Raji Award) is published in the local time February 23, which is a day before the upstream Academy Awards ceremony, the documentary film “to the lowest actor Fahrenheit 119 “such as US President Donald Trump was chosen.

The Lazy Award is the lowest film award chosen by 1,047 Golden Raspberry Foundation members online voting in the United States and abroad. President Trump has won the lowest actor award , with Johnny Depp , John Travolta , Bruce Willis and other big stars in line. It also shone as the lowest screen combo prize. In addition, Kellyan Conway’s presidential consultant was elected to the Minimum Supporting Actress Award, resulting in irony into the administration.

Most winning works are comedy “Holmes & Watson (original work) / Holmes & Watson” which starred Will Ferrell such as ” We figure skater ” and made world detective combi into a movie, in four departments including work prize Awarded.

The 39th Golden Raspberry Award winning result is as follows.

■ Minimum Movie Award
“Holmes and Watson (Original) / Holmes and Watson”

■ Minimum Actor Award
Donald Trump “Death of a Nation” “Fahrenheit 119″

■ Minimum Actress Award
Melissa McCarthy ” Purple Shadow of Puppet Major Noise Line Reminiscence ” “Life of the Party” (Unpublished in Japan)

■ Minimum Supporting Actor Award
John · C · Riley “Holmes & Watson (Original)”

Minimum Supporting Actress Award
Kellyan Conway US Presidential Advisor “Fahrenheit 119”

■ The lowest screen combo award
“Death of a Nation” & “Fahrenheit 119”
Donald Trump and his unqualified miniature

■ Minimum Remake, Pakuri, Sequel Film Award
“Holmes & Watson (Original)”

■ Minimum Director Award
Ehtan Cohen “Holmes & Watson (Original)”

■ Minimum Screenplay Award
” Fifty · Shees Fried ” Naior · Leonard , E · L · James original

■ Lazy Honor Recovery Award
Melissa · McCarthy against the “crime and punishment of a female writer wrote” who performed a far more complex role than the two movies that shone in Lazy


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