Alitala Rosa
Alitala Rosa Salazar of the real face – (C) 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Holding out Hollywood state-of-the-art VFX technology, ” Arita: Battle Angel ” (nationwide release) which made popular Japanese comic “gun dream” a live action by director James Cameron ‘s script ” Robert Rodriguez ” of ” Avatar ” Actress Rosa Salazar who played the hero Arita told his thoughts on his work.

“The impact of reading Armita and reading the” Gunmachine “was magnificent, as it was a wonderful work, I thought that Hollywood version definitely should not break it, Arita He was trying to live a role while thinking about it whenever he plays, “Rosa said. The thought towards a masterpiece by cartoonist Yuki Kijashi was quite strong, and the positive reaction of fans at the Japan Premier, which was held the day before the interview, is said to have been the most pleasant moment during the promotional tour that took place around the world. “The reaction of Japanese fans was the most worrisome!”

For Rosa so to speak, it is just a Cinderella story that I caught the role of Arita. For her who played a leading role such as ” Maize · Runner ” series and Netflix movie “Bird · Box”, she is the first hero role. That is also a great masterpiece made by Cameron.

Usually black hair is a trademark, but this day is blond. “It’s really suddenly changed the environment. Even though nobody noticed me until now, it started to be noticed by everyone as a result of this work! Including paparazzi (laugh). Although it is what, but after all it is hard work every day so I changed it to blond hair, but on the other hand it makes me stand out and it makes me realize, it makes me smile.

I felt that I was feeling a lot of pressure, “I felt like I was feeling full of motivation, feeling like I was doing!” Rather than feeling pressure! ” In order to challenge the action scene, she always said that she had not complained any bitches even in hard training for 6 months, will not break up the “offensive” position. It is also common to Arrieta that she plays.

“Even at Cyborg, there were plenty of things that I sympathize with her, it is a pure girl who is trying to dedicate anything to the person who fell in love with anyone who is a woman, I try to give something to the person I love but I want to stop thinking “I want to stop” innocently laughing. Regarding the scene which appeared in the original, I talked with the director much. “It’s too devoted too well, but it’s nice to talk with Rodriguez and gentle and pure girls do not ask for any tradeoffs and that’s why Cyborgs seems to have a human-like aspect. When I saw the completed scene, my heart got hot in my purity. ”

On the other hand, “But there are such pure things but, on the other hand, it is awfully super strong feeling!” Favorites are scenes where Arita rages in the bar. “I do not think it is the best combination with Director Rodriguez … I do not think it is the best combination! In that action scene, Rodriguez says” I’m going to exceed all the bar fights I’ve ever done ” I checked the action top 10 “of the bar, then all the top five were Robert or Cameron’s movie (lol). I took it all over because it’s going to be full of fun! Because I took it in spirit, I guess that scene is fun for everyone I want you to do it. ”

No matter what I listen to, my passion for her work speaks with excitement in a pleasantly fun way is real. Opening the big eyes, Alita playing by Rosa to change the expression that looks like a manga can feel more human being than the cyborg that appeared in any movie.


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