Theater Reopen In India: Know- when can theater start, the ministry recommended this

Due to the outbreak of Corona virus, theaters have been closed in India for many months, due to which no film has been released for many months. Due to the theaters having been closed for a long time, now film makers have also started releasing films on OTT, in such a way, theaters are suffering a lot. Theater owners, staff, film makers and cinematographers are now waiting for theaters to open so that the fans can also enjoy films on the big screen.

Now the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has recommended to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs that the theaters be allowed to reopen in the country from August. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Secretary Amit Khare interacted with the CII Media Committee. He also said that the Home Ministry will take a final decision in this matter. Khare said he allowed the theaters to reopen in early August or around August 31.

Along with this, several guidelines will also be issued on opening of theaters, in which there may be many rules regarding seating. It has also been recommended that the first line will be arranged on a one-to-one basis and after that the second line will have to be left blank. Apart from this, special attention will also be given to the two meter social distancing opening of the theater again. Explain that no decision has been taken on the recommendation of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

At the same time, it is also suggested that theaters can be started with 25 per cent audience. On this suggestion, theater owners say that this formula is quite wrong and starting a theater with 25 per cent audience is worse than closed theaters.  


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