Tik Tok Ban In India: Chinese journalist was making fun of Ban, Celina Jaitley stopped speaking

The government of India has announced the ban of 59 Chinese apps due to national security reasons. These apps include the highly talked about and popular short video app Tick Talk. There is a lot of discussion in social media about the news of the ban. At the same time, the anger of the Chinese is coming out. When a Chinese journalist tried to make fun of India over the decision of this ban, Celina Jaitley stopped speaking by giving a befitting reply.

Chinese journalist Hu Saichin wrote with the news of banning apps – If Chinese people want to ban Indian products, they will not get more Indian products. Indian friends, you should have some things which are more important than nationalism. In response to the journalist’s tweet, Selina wrote – Sir, did you call us friends? Friend, do not kill a friend. The correct word is patriotism and the difference is that we are ready to die for our country. We chose globalization. You chose war and now you have to pay billions for each of our martyrs. By the way, there is peace.

Hours later, Celina tweeted another – Sir, one more thing, because of this you will be in Boycott Dilemma. May I remind you that you are forgetting a very important Indian product or export that has shaped your civilization for centuries… Its name is Buddhism. Now you can take out some moments of thinking.

Let me tell you, Selina herself comes from an army family. His father was Colonel VK Jaitley War Hero. Celina’s brother is also in the Indian Army. Celina recently appeared in Zee 5’s short film Seasons Greeting. Celina herself was also using Tick Talk.

The Indian government has banned Chinese apps for data security reasons. The government is taking steps for security in view of the recent tension with China. The most affected is the tick talk. This app had made its inroads into small cities of the country in the last few times. From common people to celebrities, short videos were put on the app, which had crores of followers and likes.


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