Tina Datta Spoke About Her Relationship Facts And Secrets Reviled

Television actress Tina Dutta is in the headlines for her personal life more than her career. Tina, who was earlier in the news for a bad relationship with her boyfriend, is once again in the news. This time Tina is in the news due to the news of depression. Currently away from the camera, Tina told that she had come into depression after a breakup from her boyfriend and during that time she has faced a lot of difficulties.

In an interview to Hindustan Times, Tina said that I have decided to focus on my life and settle down, although I have not found any right person yet. I have come out of my relationship and want to settle in life, but I cannot live with a person who belongs to this industry.

He told his partner that he should be trustworthy for me and that he should respect people and be a good boy. He also recalled his old relationship and said, ‘I was afraid to trust people and went into depression. I used to be very unhappy on the set and often shut myself in make-up and wept.

Let me tell you that Tina Dutta became very depressed after a breakup with boyfriend this year. Also, Tina said about her relation, ‘I will not completely misquote her because I too had fallen in love at a delicate age. I was completely madly in love. I myself am responsible for the abusive relationship that I let him do as he wanted. Whatever happened is good because the person who raises his hands on you is not a man.

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