Tsuchiya Taiho
Tsuchiya Taiho (right), who thought Shingo Jun (left) to be older,

Tsuchiya Taiho, hero older? I thought that the same year Shishidan is older

Actress Tsuchiya Taiho and Shingo Jun attended the movie ‘Bumblebee’ Japanese dubbing released publicly after dubbed the event on the 21st . Tsuchiya, who likes special effects and I think he is an unconditionally hero as an older, said Tsuchiya, who once assumed that Shizuna had appeared in the special effects drama Tankyu Sentai Toukyouja .

This work is an action that depicts friendship fostering friendship with the popular character Bumblebee of the movi Transformers series and the girl Charlie who met on Earth. Tsuchiya is in charge of the main character Charlie ,Shizuno is responsible for the voice of a boy memo

About Dubu Tsuchiya says, I was really difficult because I am immature,and looking back,If you are doing voice work, there is a calorie in your voice, so I am being beaten up as being an inexperienced person Even I watched the work in practice and the actual work so that I could convey the impressed feeling. On the other hand, despite being accustomed to dubbing, Daisuke who became his first challenger, also said, There were many parts to study more than I thought, looking back on the recordings.

Bumblebee in the play has a bit of a funny side, so there are also scenes that you can ask for a strange episode. Tsuchiya said, I might be different from Doshi, while saying, I like special effects, I think unconditionally heroes are older, so I do not think that the will of squadrons was done I thought that Mr Kun is older than I am, I confess.

In fact both were born in 1995, and on February 3 on March 5 and their birthdays are close, but when we speak joked that Shizuni is junior of life together, Tsuchiya It’s not changed so much, Tsukkomi said. I confessed my thought to myself as I thought that hero was a senior by nature, and made the venue excitement.

At the event, a video message was sent at surprise from director Travis Night and Haley starring for such two people . From the director Knight, Tao, Jun, thanks to the two people, you can have fun with the new fans! Thank you!, From Haley Tao! Haley, it was a pleasure to dub Charlie.Thanks When sent, Tsuchiya showed a smile, I was worried that my voice would be okay, so I’m glad you said so.

The movie Bumblebee will be released nationwide from March 22


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