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The Episode starts with Aao Saheb telling Atul that she did a huge mistake by way of not figuring out Malhar’s authentic nature, and says i was flown in feelings thinking about him and his kid. I didn’t realize that Malhar whom I cherished like my grand son is a satan. She tells that Malhar has ruined our lived and snatched my Wada from me and stored us like a Servants. She says your Appa isn’t on this international because of you. Sarthak asks Aao Saheb to tell in which occasions, Malhar married kalyani. Atul shouts and says I don’t need to listen and says i’m able to kill Malhar, and presses his neck. Kalyani asks Atul to go away him and asks Sarthak to help him. Sarthak asks Atul to go away Malhar and says each person is blaming him, but no one is seeing his condition. He says this circle of relatives particularly Sampada has finished injustice with Malhar. Atul says I don’t be given this marriage.

Anupriya tells Atul that even she changed into against this marriage, but something took place is for suitable. Kalyani couldn’t get better husband than Malhar. Atul pushes her on ground and says when she will be able to no longer have sindoor then the husband will now not be there. He attempts to wipe her sindoor. Kalyani stops keeping his hand and says why don’t you apprehend. She says Malhar is virtually first-rate and i’m really glad with him. She says you’re blaming Aai and tells that you and Madhuri are guilty of her. She tells that Aai also loved her facing her humiliation, and tells that his own family participants kicked her out of house, but Aai helped her. She says do you need to know whom i really like first and tells that she loves her Aai first and no longer you or Madhuri. Atul cries. Kalyani and Anupriya cries. Atul sits and cries, says you have ruined your life. Kalyani says i’m very happy with him and says Malhar ji, my Billu are satisfied me like a circle of relatives. She asks him to accept their own family and says you didn’t meet your grand son and says he may be very cute and she feels very happy to be called as his Aai. She is going to get Moksh from internal.

Atul cries badly. Kalyani brings Moksh to Atul and says he is Billu and he is familiar with me absolutely. She says she has special raabta with him and while he is along with her, she forgets all of the ache and issues, and says i love him very much. Atul tells Anupriya that this isn’t always my Kalyani and says what are you saying? He says you’ve got modified a lot and says you’re modern, modern lady. He says you are satisfied turning into a mother. Kalyani says a person need to trade with circumstances. Atul says this is not your words and blames Malhar. He says you have snatched my daughter’s desires. Her says you have got reduce her feathers and ruined her identification. He says you may recognize my pain in case your son’s goals are snatched from him. Kalyani asks what happened to you Papa. Atul keeps Malhar’s hand on Moksh’s head and asks him to swear on his son that he didn’t break Kalyani’s existence.

Kalyani says they are my family now. Atul says this marriage is accomplished to take revenge from me and asks her to ask him if he loves her. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Malhar turns his face. Atul says if no, then you may no longer live with him and will include me. He asks her to ask Malhar. Kalyani looks at Malhar with hopeful eyes and thinks he shall lie and forestall her. Malhar says you had already executed many sacrifices for Moksh and me, and i have constantly doubted on you and given you pain. He asks her to forgive her and says you don’t should bear any extra hatred of mine. he’s taking Moksh from her and asks her to go along with her Baba. Anupriya asks what are you doing? Atul says I recognize that he don’t love you and says i can no longer allow you to end up second Anupriya. Kalyani asks Malhar if she is a material which he’s throwing whilst he wishes and asks him to react and inform some thing. She tells that she don’t care if he offers her hatred or love, however she knows that he is her own family. She says you and Billu are my family. Malhar says your father is proper, you have got the proper to fly high. Anupriya says you’ve got taken duty of her training. Malhar says Kalyani shall go along with her baba.

Kalyani says I want my Billu. Atul asks her to come with him and says i can make you spot the goals again and says i will now not will let you break your existence being with Malhar. Kalyani cries as Atul drags her to take her. Malhar cries. Moksh appears at her. Kalyani holds Moksh’s hand, but Atul tries to take her interior. Rabba track plays….Kalyani holds the iron door and gets her hand injured. Malhar sees her injured hand and cries. He feels apologetic and thinks he can’t undergo anymore accusations.

Moksh cries in room. Malhar says baba is with you and says we both are habituated to Kalyani, however instances exchange with time and people shall trade too. Sarthak scolds Malhar for not hearing Kalyani and letting her pass. Malhar says much like you didn’t tell me about my mum’s death considering me, I let Kalyani move as I notion that it’ll be better for her to unfastened from this relation. He says she is satisfied. Sarthak says she changed into very glad to split from her son. He says you could’t take choices of her lifestyles and says i used to be wrong then, and now you are incorrect. He asks him to consider atleast Kalyani’s tears. Malhar says I don’t want to be egocentric, we will let her move, Moksh shall get habituated to live with out her.

Precap: malhar tells Kalyani that he left her for her destiny, but after anything you’ve got performed nowadays, and says our relation is damaged. he is taking rounds with her around the pyre. Kalyani cries badly.


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