Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Aao Saheb comes and requests that they come inside as today is the obscuration. Kalyani calls and asks him not to drink anything. Malhar chides and closes the call. Ketki requests that he complete all water, however he denies considering Kalyani. Kalyani advises that they will go to Ketki’s home. Anupriya says we don’t have the foggiest idea about the location. Ketki and Malhar go to the previous’ home. She smiles seeing Malhar getting sleepy and believes Kalyani’s conjugal life will be overshadowed. Aao Saheb says you had said that ketki was with Atul in prison. Anupriya says so we need to go to PS to get her data. Kalyani says no. She says she can get all her data on Malhar’s workstation and knows every one of his passwords. She scans for Ketki in prison records and comes to realize that Ketki served the discipline for attempting to harm somebody and gets her location moreover. Ketki offers documents to malhar and goes to other room.

Kalyani calls Malhar and attempts to enlighten him regarding Ketki, yet he is tired and requests that her discussion to him. He says he is feeling the loss of her and she ought to be with him. He inquires as to whether she is vexed and says he will persuade her by giving her a kiss. Kalyani stands up incredibly and tells Aao Saheb and Anupriya that Ketki has accomplished something with him. She requests that he center and says Ketki… Malhar converses with her about sentiment. Aao Saheb says what he is stating? Kalyani says puppi and says he isn’t fine, we will go there. They take auto. Kalyani hears Malhar telling that he don’t grin purposefully hearing her discussions. Kalyani says awww..She discloses to Anupriya that she needs to hear him throughout the night. Malhar says you are somewhat awful and harmed my heart, for what reason did you tell baba when I asked you not to let him know. He says it requires some investment to confide in somebody.

Kalyani asks are you tuning in to me and requests that he sprinkle water all over to get over his rest. She asks did you sprinkle water all over and makes proper acquaintance, checks her telephone and says my telephone battery is no more. Malhar comes to room where Ketki is. Ketki informs that she has composed everything concerning her sentiments during school days and strolls towards Malhar. She inquires as to whether he is enamored as well and says lets break the feet sleeves and go far away from here. She holds his hand. Auto driver stops auto and says tire is punctured. Kalyani gets stressed and figures how we will reach Malhar now. Ketki and Malhar sit on bed. Ketki requests that he let her admit her adoration to him and comes nearer to him. Malhar stops her and asks what is this, I don’t get, when and how? Ketki says how he got fine? Malhar washed his face with water. Kalyani and Anupriya come there. Ketki reveals to Malhar that he is thinking her wrong and tells that she adores somebody, however not him. She says she adores Sarthak Rane. Malhar is stunned.

Ketki tells that she cherishes Sarthak and he likewise adores me without a doubt. Malhar says my Kaka doesn’t conceal anything from me and he cherishes Maayi. He turns and sees Kalyani and Anupriya remaining at the entryway. He asks when did you both come? Kalyani says she needs to ask a few inquiries with her and that is for what valid reason she came. She says you have served discipline in prison and was in a similar division as my Papa. She says one more thing, you was imprisoned for endeavor to kill somebody. Malhar is stunned and says Ketki is my cherished companion and don’t conceal anything from me. Kalyani says she has police records and shows him proofs against Ketki. She says sorry and says I don’t have some other method to bring her fact and that is the reason utilized your workstation. Ketki says Kalyani is correct that I was in prison and was in a similar division as your baba, however never met him. She says you feels that your baba is in a tough situation as a result of me and that is the reason attempting to burrow my past. She solicits did you check the credibility from the news and tells that Sarthak was her legal counselor and he will reveal to her fact to everybody. She asks Malhar to call Sarthak there.

Precap: Atharv informs Kalyani regarding Ketki putting grains for pigeons. She comes there and finds the chit with a location.


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