Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Malhar telling Rahul that he’ll no longer go to prison alone, however with him. Rahul says I don’t have pictures, and says what crime he’ll charged on him. Malhar says Godaveri will tell Police that you attempted to scouse borrow the embellishes when she became going. Rahul says you don’t have those photos and whatever can occur with it. Godaveri asks Malhar no longer to take up the massive blame to store her. Malhar says nobody shall recognize that i’m going to prison for those photographs and says no one will do besides us. Anupriya hears them and cries. Kalyani does aarti and pray inside the temple. Aao Saheb and other devotees are clapping. Kalyani shouts Ganapati Bappa Moriya…Malhar pushes Rahul. Anupriya thinks Malhar has performed this to shop Godaveri and thinks to inform Kalyani. She thanks the God. Kalyani asks Bappa to do some thing and prevent the innocent guy from getting punished. She asks him to do something. just then a heavy wind comes and a newspaper falls on kalyani’s face. Kalyani sees Sneha’s percent in it and says she is a version and not his secretary. She calls Anupriya and tells her. Anupriya tells her the whole lot. Kalyani says Atharv has employed Sneha to trap Malhar in false case. Anupriya says you have got just 1 hour to shop him else he could be arrested. Kalyani comes to temple and thank you the God.

Malhar tells Pawar that he needs to be silent to shop Godaveri’s recognize. He tells Pawar that Rahul shall now not be out. Pawar asks him to name the Commissioner and inform him. Malhar says i’m able to’t inform. Rao says then he may be arrested. Kalyani comes to meet Anupriya and asks approximately Godaveri. Anupriya says Malhar arrested Rahul and took Godaveri to take her statement. She tells that she were given Sneha’s variety, calling at the range in the Advertisment. Rao says just 35 mins left. Malhar tells that he’s handcuff until he gets Godaveri’s snap shots. He tells that the paintings is tough, however they must do this. Atharv and Sampada are in the car. Sampada tells that she is scared and tells Malhar won’t visit jail due to the quick. Atharv says Malhar will visit prison. Kalyani and Anupriya take attire of Sheikh and are going to Sneha’s house. She tells Anupriya that they were given the attire from her buddy. She asks if she remembered what they have to do. Anupriya says they may tell that they need to take Sneha to do commercial in Dubai. Malhar calls Atharv and says he has arrested Rahul and he well-known his crime. Sampada receives worried. Atharv says Malhar will now not do something being involved of Godaveri. He asks her to address Sneha and take her some place else from her residence. Aao Saheb tells Pallavi that wherein is Anupriya? Anupriya sees Aao Saheb and symptoms Kalyani. Kalyani acts like sheikh and tells that they are able to’t get any automobile. Aao Saheb says they’re rich, however why they’re looking forward to vehicle. Pallavi introduces herself. Kalyani says we don’t speak to bad people. Aao Saheb stops the automobile. Kalyani and Anupriya sit down in it and leave.

Atharv comes to Police station and calls Malhar as constable. Malhar says I knew that you’ll come right here to keep Rahul. Atharv eats candies and says i really like it. He asks what do you observed that you will reach me by catching Rahul. He says do some thing you need, you want Sneha’s assertion to get stored and asks how you’ll get it. He threatens Malhar and says Godaveri’s photos are still with me.. Malhar says you are not human, however a devil. you’re playing along with your niece’s recognize to defeat me. Atharv says my lifestyles’s aim is to twist the finger to take out the ghee. he is taking selfie with malhar and tells that i am very excited wondering you may go to jail, and could no longer get Sneha’s assertion.


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