Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Kalyani asking Atul to comprehend that Moksh needs her. She hears Moksh crying and discloses to Atul that he gets quiet just in her lap. Atul stops her. Anupriya says when Kalyani is content with her marriage then what we can do. Atul reprimands her and advises that I have come to improve my little girl’s life. Kalyani says neither you nor Malhar reserve the privilege to take choice of me. She is going to go out and sees Aao Saheb standing infront of her. Aao Saheb reveals to her that Atul is correct and now Sampada will deal with Moksh. Kalyani says malhar ji… and Sampada not to contact her child. Aao Saheb tells that that malhar is getting captured for Rao Saheb’s passing. Kalyani runs out and discloses to Police that Malhar is blameless. Auditor tells that they got orders from high specialists. Aao

Saheb says she won’t let him turn out. Sarthak says you can’t capture him without the requests. Malhar says I needn’t bother with anybody and asks Kalyani to take Moksh. He at that point figures it out. Aparna takes Moksh. Sampada advises that Moksh will get constant to live without Kalyani and Moksh. Kalyani yells at her, and tells that Malhar is honest and advises that he didn’t constrain him to end it all. Controller says Rao Saheb didn’t leave any suicide note. Kalyani says she saw see note in the room and rushes to room. She asks Anupriya to look in the room. Sampada requests that Inspector take the criminal with him. Kalyani looks for the letter. Aao Saheb says she won’t not let Kalyani ridicule Rao Saheb’s passing. Kalyani gets the letter. Aao Saheb attempts to grab it. Kalyani gets it back and provides for Inspector. Vivek tells that Appa’s body is taken for last customs. Aao Saheb asks monitor not to open the letter until his last ceremonies is finished. Kalyani thinks now Malhar don’t need to go to imprison.

Appa’s last rituals is finished. Malhar cries and discloses to Sarthak that he didn’t need this to occur. Aao Saheb asks Inspector, would i be able to peruse the letter. She peruses the letter that Malhar took steps to beat him until he pass on, and that is the reason he is giving himself simple demise. Kalyani says Malhar ji didn’t do anything, I was there. Atul slaps Kalyani and says it is demonstrated. He advises that he wouldn’t like to hear her out. He faults Malhar for Appa’s passing. He takes the kindling and tells that he won’t leave Malhar. Sarthak says I was there, and Malhar was honest. Anupriya says Malhar never took steps to execute Appa. Aao Saheb asks her not to affront the dead individual and asks what do you imply that the dead individual lied.

Kalyani peruses the letter and is stunned. She says same thing is composed. Aao Saheb says thanks to Kalyani and says I will get equity now. She says thanks to Aao Saheb to demonstrating Malhar’s wrongdoing. Kalyani says this suicide note is phony and tells that she is dependably on Malhar’s side. Monitor takes the suicide note. Malhar reveals to Kalyani that he had an uncertainty that she will deliver retribution from him sometime in the future, however didn’t realize that she will do along these lines. Sarthak attempts to talk. Malhar says I am conversing with my better half. Atul considers him as criminal and holds his neckline. Malhar takes a gander at him. Kalyani says how might you believe that I will render retribution. Malhar says everybody realizes that the substance in the letter is phony and says on the off chance that I am demonstrated liable today is a result of you. He says I was trick to confide in you, and inquires as to for what reason did she do this. He inquires as to whether she did this as her relatives matter to her a great deal or if on the grounds that he isolated her from Moksh. Anupriya says why Kalyani will do this? Malhar says you both have broken my trust once and now once more. Kalyani says I won’t utter a word, he supposes I am a treachery and tells that he won’t trust me in the event that I state anything. Malhar says I left you and liberated you from Moksh and my duties, and says when this connection didn’t mean anything then why it is there. He holds her hand and tells that he will break their marriage.

Anupriya attempts to stop Malhar. Atul holds her hand. Malhar takes invert round with Kalyani around the fire. Pandit ji says you can’t do any marriage ceremonies around the fire and asks Aao Saheb to stop him. Malhar leaves Kalyani and runs with Inspector. Kalyani sits in stun. Anupriya embraces her. Kalyani cries.

Precap: Aao Saheb tells that until I render retribution from Rao Saheb’s passing, my maang will be loaded up with his fiery remains. Kalyani requests that her keep her maang loaded up with powder all life and says she will demonstrate Malhar’s blamelessness.


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