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Sarthak asks Aao Saheb to tell in which conditions, Malhar wedded kalyani. Atul yells and says I would prefer not to tune in and says I will slaughter Malhar, and presses his neck. Kalyani asks Atul to abandon him and asks Sarthak to support him. Sarthak asks Atul to leave Malhar and says everybody is accusing him, yet no one is seeing his condition. He says this family uncommonly Sampada has done shamefulness with Malhar. Atul says I don’t acknowledge this marriage.

Anupriya reveals to Atul that even she was against this marriage, however whatever happened is for good. Kalyani couldn’t improve spouse than Malhar. Atul pushes her on floor and says when she won’t have sindoor then the spouse won’t be there. He attempts to wipe her sindoor. Kalyani quits holding his hand and says for what reason don’t you get it. She says Malhar is extremely decent and I am extremely content with him. She says you are accusing Aai and tells that you and Madhuri are blameworthy of her. She tells that Aai additionally adored her confronting her mortification, and tells that his relatives showed her out of house, however Aai helped her. She says would you like to know whom I cherish first and tells that she adores her Aai first and not you or Madhuri. Atul cries. Kalyani and Anupriya cries. Atul sits and cries, says you have demolished your life. Kalyani says I am content with him and says Malhar ji, my Billu are cheerful me like a family. She requests that he acknowledge their family and says you didn’t meet your terrific child and says he is adorable and she feels cheerful to be called as his Aai. She goes to get Moksh from inside.

Atul cries gravely. Kalyani conveys Moksh to Atul and says he is Billu and he comprehends me completely. She says she has uncommon raabta with him and when he is with her, she overlooks all the torment and inconveniences, and says I adore him without a doubt. Atul discloses to Anupriya this isn’t my Kalyani and says what are you saying? He says you have changed a great deal and says you are current, dynamic young lady. He says you are upbeat turning into a mother. Kalyani says an individual need to change with conditions. Atul says this isn’t your words and faults Malhar. He says you have grabbed my girl’s fantasies. Her says you have cut her quills and destroyed her character. He says you will comprehend my torment if your child’s fantasies are grabbed from him. Kalyani asks the end result for you Papa. Atul keeps Malhar’s hand on Moksh’s head and requests that he swear on his child that he didn’t demolish Kalyani’s life.

Kalyani says they are my family now. Atul says this marriage is done to render retribution from me and requests that her inquire as to whether he adores her. Kalyani takes a gander at Malhar. Malhar turns his face. Atul says assuming no, at that point you won’t remain with him and will accompany me. He requests that her ask Malhar. Kalyani takes a gander at Malhar with cheerful eyes and supposes he will lie and stop her. Malhar says you had effectively done numerous penances for Moksh and me, and I have dependably questioned on you and given you torment. He requests that her excuse her and says you don’t need to hold up under any more disdain of mine. He takes Moksh from her and requests that her run with her Baba. Anupriya asks what’s going on with you? Atul says I realize that he don’t love you and says I won’t let you become second Anupriya. Kalyani inquires as to whether she is a material which he is tossing when he needs and requests that he respond and tell something. She tells that she couldn’t care less in the event that he gives her scorn or love, however she realizes that he is her family. She says you and Billu are my family. Malhar says your dad is correct, you reserve the option to fly high. Anupriya says you have assumed liability of her instruction. Malhar says Kalyani will run with her baba.

Kalyani says I need my Billu. Atul requests that her accompany him and says I will make you see the fantasies again and says I won’t let you ruin your life being with Malhar. Kalyani cries as Atul hauls her to take her. Malhar cries. Moksh takes a gander at her. Kalyani holds Moksh’s hand, however Atul attempts to take her inside. Rabba melody plays… .Kalyani holds the iron entryway and gets her hand harmed. Malhar sees her harmed hand and cries. He feels sorry and supposes he can’t hold up under any longer allegations.

Moksh cries in room. Malhar says baba is with you and says we both are habituated to Kalyani, yet conditions change with time and people will change as well. Sarthak chides Malhar for not hearing Kalyani and releasing her. Malhar says simply as you didn’t enlighten me regarding my mum’s demise considering me, I let Kalyani go as I believed that it will be better for her to free from this connection. He says she is cheerful. Sarthak says she was glad to isolate from her child. He says you can’t take choices of her life and says I wasn’t right at that point, and now you are incorrect. He requests that he trust atleast Kalyani’s tears. Malhar says I would prefer not to be childish, we will release her, Moksh will get habituated to live without her.

Precap Upcoming Tujhse Hai Raabta Episode Update: Malhar reveals to Kalyani that he left her for her future, yet after whatever you have done today, and says our connection is broken. He takes rounds with her around the fire. Kalyani cries gravely.


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