Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kalyani beats the men and asks where is my Billu? She says you don’t have the foggiest idea who is my significant other. She gets Malhar’s hand and requests that he come to godown. Kid welfare official expresses gratitude toward them. Malhar beats the Manager. Manaher says I am not the only one, yet Kalyani madam works with us. He demonstrates the pic where Kalyani is in mask working in the childcare. Kalyani says she was giving over the child to their mom. She reveals to Malhar that you denied me to come here to meet Moksh, so I switched my get up and came here to meet Moksh. Supervisor gives her indication on a paper. Kalyani chides the man and requests that he come clean else she will break her head. Malhar stops her. The kid welfare official asks Malhar to capture his significant other moreover. Kalyani reveals to him that Sampada and her dad need to trap her for the situation. Atharv embraces Sampada and values her arrangement to trap Kalyani.

Official tells malhar that on the off chance that he would prefer not to deal with the case, at that point he will appoint another person. Sampada tells that I realize that kalyani can effectively get moksh so I get him conceded in the day care which illicit tyke dealing occurs. She says she assembled wrong confirmations against her. Malhar takes the cuff in his grasp. Kalyani figures how might you question me. Malhar supposes I don’t question on you, I had requested that you avoid this. Sampada tells that she completed a misstep and says how could she come to think about the clinic name. She says Kalyani will be imprisoned and my Moksh will be with us. She says I will get my travel papers from Malhar extorting him and will compel him to release us remote. The Child welfare official asks Malhar to leave the case. Malhar says my better half is illicit and tells that a young lady who brought up other lady’s kid as her very own and cherished her so much, she can’t do anything amiss with anybody’s youngster. I simply realize that my significant other and child are in peril.

Kalyani reveals to Malhar that she is honest and didn’t do anything. Malhar says I know, however all evidences are against you. he says I am your significant other later and govt official first. She says I attempted to let you know, however you didn’t hear. She says she is getting rebuffed for her error and says she isn’t significant now, however Moksh is in risk and says Sampada and Vaman are upto something. She says I have a premonition that Sampada needs to send Moksh to other nation and after that intend to go with Atharv. Atharv comes and acts, and says Sampada has turned out to be slim being eager. He asks Kalyani to feel disgrace to take infant and asks Malhar to take out his uniform. He says I will do this infront of media, at that point your significant other needs to remain in prison and you will cry all life. He says I have an answer for you.

Kalyani discloses to Atharv that she is prepared to do anything for Billu. Atharv says she is phony mother, yet thinks about Moksh. He asks Malhar to give their visas and after that they all can remain together. Malhar requests that he leave and says you will be imprisoned this time. Kalyani requests that he concur and offer international ID to him, says they will go from our lives for eternity. Atharv says your 18 years of age spouse is astute. Kalyani asks Malhar to concur. Malhar leaves lock up. Kalyani approaches him to concur for Moksh. Malhar says I will get Moksh with right way and requests that her recall that he will get atharv rebuffed and get Moksh as well. Atharv says you will lose your child. Malhar requests that he prepare to rest on the floor. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani tells that she can’t sit and see tamasha. She says I can go to any degree when the issue is about Billu, I will conflict with Malhar.

Preca: Kalyani pretends stomach throb and goes to Atharv. She says she will get Moksh in one hour with the goal that she give him visa.


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