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The Episode begins with Kalyani laying her head on Anupriya and crying. Aao Saheb tells that her initial move towards Malhar’s destroyal is fruitful and tells that she will grabbed everything from Malhar and she will have fiery remains of Rao Saheb in her maang until she delivers retribution from Malhar. She puts Rao’s Saheb’s fiery debris on her brow. Kalyani is stunned and requests that her prepare to keep her brow loaded up with fiery remains for eternity. She says despite the fact that Malhar has broken connection with her, however she don’t acknowledge his choice and will demonstrate his guiltlessness and brings him back. Aao Saheb looks furiously. She gets back home and reviews Malhar’s words. She hears Moksh crying and goes to her room. Aparna prevents her from contacting him, however Kalyani takes him mightily and requests that her leave. Aparna goes.

Kalyani inquires as to whether he trusts her and tells that by what means can Malhar question on her and tells that he has broken marriage with her. She says he said that you won’t be with me and says no one can isolate us. She says I will get Malhar liberated from lock up and afterward will persuade him to remain with them. Simply then Sampada comes and hits pole on her. Kalyani and Moksh tumble down. She spares Moksh in any case. Sampada discloses to her that her connection with Moksh has finished. Kalyani slams her for living Malhar for shoddy person like Atharv. Atul comes and asks Kalyani to come. He endeavors to take her. Kalyani gets the blade and tells that on the off chance that he prevents her from going to Moksh, at that point she will murder herself. Anupriya asks Kalyani how she will spare Malhar at that point? Atul asks Anupriya not to control her. Kalyani endeavors to cut her throat, however Anupriya keeps her hand and gets her palm cut. Kalyani is stunned. Anupriya asks Kalyani to accompany her. Atul asks where is she taking her? Anupriya requests that he give her at some point. Anupriya takes her to latrine and tells that they can get Moksh just if Malhar gets back home. Kalyani asks by what method can Malhar question her. Anupriya says he is questioning even me and tells that we can’t comprehend his torment. She gets some information about Moksh and let him be with Sampada, atleast he will be at home. She requests that her be there and says I will get nourishment for you. Kalyani tears her dupatta and ties on Anupriya’s hand. She requests that her go. Tune plays… …

Atul comes and bolts the entryway. Anupriya asks what’s going on with you? Atul asks her not to open the entryway. Kalyani hears and asks Anupriya for what valid reason did she lock the entryway. Atul says I am outside and advises that Moksh needs to figure out how to avoid her. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason don’t you get it. Atul says you have be here throughout the night and asks Anupriya not to open the entryway. Kalyani says on the off chance that I will be here, at that point how I will take Malhar out. Sarthak comes to safeguard Malhar, yet he can’t. Controller tells that he is powerless in the wake of perusing Rao Saheb’s letter. Sarthak asks Malhar not to stress. Atharv brings expands there and chuckles on Malhar’s condition. Malhar asks how could you turn out? Aao Saheb comes there and says I took him out. Atharv requests that he handle his heart else how he will sentiment Maayi. Sarthak yells. Atharv offers edge to Malhar and requests that he cut his nerves and end himself. Assessor chides Atharv and says this is unlawful. Atharv says this man won’t kick the bucket, and will live offended life. He says your child will be taken care of by Sampada, who feels appalled to change his diaper. Malhar says no one can grab my child.

Sampada reprimands Aparna for not making Malhar calm. Aparna says I don’t have the foggiest idea how Kalyani and Malhar handle him. Anupriya comes there and tells that she will check child. Sampada pushes her and makes her tumble down. Anupriya gets up and requests that her get it. Sampada says she will call huge specialist and asks her not to contact her.

She conveys Doctor to Malhar’s room and requests that he see Moksh, however he is absent. She calls Aparna. Aparna says I went two mins back to bubble milk. Sampada comes to latrine and asks where is Kalyani? Atul says she is dozing. Sampada sees Kalyani got away from window with Moksh. She reveals to Atul that Kalyani ran off with Moksh. Kalyani is with Moksh outside and sings tujhse hai raabta… .and makes Moksh rest. Atul gets passionate hearing kalyani singing children’s song and making Moksh quiet and rest. Kalyani advises that like she used to rest by him, Moksh dozes when she makes him rest. Sampada and Aparna come there. Sampada denounces Kalyani and says what did you think and tells that she won’t abandon her. Kalyani asks her to hold child and tells for what good reason the infant was crying. She tells that she has heart association with him and tells that it isn’t in your points of confinement to deal with him. She says I influenced him to comprehend not to cry much. She says similarly as I am bearing the agony of avoiding him, he will likewise bear the torment of remaining with you. Sampada gets furious and goes. Atul comes to Kalyani and tells that he trusts this from her. Kalyani thinks sorry Papa, I realize you adores me without a doubt, yet Malhar and Billu are my family and I can’t abandon them.

Precap Upcoming Tujhse Hai Raabta Episode Update: Kalyani discloses to Sarthak that she will go to police headquarters with constable help. Aparna tells Aao Saheb that she made Kalyani have milk blended with resting pills. Kalyani feels languid. Aao Saheb tells that they will assault Malhar once more. Aao Saheb and Atharv drive Malhar to argue for Moksh’s life infront of them, by demonstrating a video.


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