Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Malhar strolling towards a fear based oppressors seeing him taking a gander at the toy parrot. He requests that he stop. The psychological militant flees. Sampada sees Kalyani there and thinks Malhar should likewise be here. She attempts to go close Kalyani, yet the psychological oppressors come infront of her. Sampada gets frightened. Atharv is hitting the dance floor with Kalyani and others and sees Sampada terrified. He supposes what gandi aunt is doing here. Sampada keeps running from that point. Kalyani supposes where is Malhar ji? Malhar keeps running behind the fear based oppressor. Kalyani gets stressed for Atharv and supposes where did he go? Malhar tosses a copper pot on the psychological oppressors. The fear mongers get Sampada and state your game is done. Sampada tosses bean stew powder in their eyes and flees.

Atharv comes to Sampada and inquires as to why that folks are upsetting you. Sampada requests that he accompany her and sits some place. She asks Atharv to call his Aai and Baba and not to inform anybody concerning her. Atharv says alright and goes. Malhar is running behind the fear monger and gets some information about their arrangement. Atharv comes to Kalyani and says terrible aunt is here and requested that I call my Aai and Baba. Kalyani says it implies Sampada came to know something about the fear based oppressors. She asks Atharv to take her there. Malhar whips the goons. Other goon comes and breaks bottle on his shoulder. Malhar turns and is unaffected. He beats them fear based oppressors. The fear monger tumbles down and crashes into Vaman. He beats the fear monger. Vaman reveals to Malhar that I came to think about numerous individuals’ lives in peril and requests that he go and says I will take this fear based oppressor to police headquarters. Malhar is leaving and gets psychological oppressor’s telephone, supposes it must be fear monger’s manager. He approaches that number which takes him to Vaman. Vaman’s fear based oppressor firearm at Malhar. Vaman chuckles. Malhar is stunned.

Vaman giggles and says you would have been spared whenever went to the seashore. He requests that his psychological militants get Sampada. Malhar is stunned. Atharv assumes Kalyani to the position where Sampada requested that he bring her, yet Sampada isn’t there. Kalyani peruses the message which Sampada has composed on the divider about bomb in coconuts. She asks Atharv to look through baba (Malhar) and educate him about bombs in the coconuts. She races to look Sampada. Sampada draws close to the seashore and supposes she can’t return else will be gotten, will bounce in the water. She hops in the lake. Kalyani comes there and sees Sampada suffocated in the water. She says what did you do Sampada? Kalyani yells for assistance, yet no one hears her as occupied with the moving and music. Kalyani bounces in the lake to spare Sampada. Sampada gets terrified seeing whale drawing close to her. Kalyani is additionally terrified. The whale swims close Sampada. Sampada is stunned.

Vaman requests that his goons place Malhar in vehicle and says bomb will begin now. Malhar inquires as to for what reason are you doing this and says I will reveal to Police that you helped me arrive at the fear based oppressors and bomb. Vaman cannot. Kalyani figures out how to spare Sampada, yet she is still inside. Malhar says on the off chance that I had known you, at that point wouldn’t have let Aparna Aai wed you. Vaman asks helped you do out and tells that he won’t leave his main goal in any conditions. Atharv comes there and requests that they leave his baba and takes steps to toss coconut on them. Vaman says it can detonate whenever and requests that fear based oppressors hold Atharv. The fear based oppressor says you said that it will detonate now.

Kalyani is pulled inside the water by the whale. Kalyani is stunned. Malhar beats the fear based oppressors. Atharv gets upbeat and says baba beat them. Malhar grabs Vaman’s weapon and points firearm at his head. He asks Pawar to hold him and takes coconut from Atharv’s hand. He sees bomb in it and keeps running towards the individuals to prevent them from breaking the coconut. Sampada additionally advises the individuals not to break coconut. The whale harms Kalyani. Sampada and Malhar attempt to stop the individuals. They see blood in the water and prevent from breaking the coconut. Sampada gets stunned seeing blood in the water.

Precap: Malhar takes out harmed and oblivious Kalyani out of vehicle. Atharv says baba brought Aai out. Anupriya comes there and asks Kalyani to open her eyes. Malhar is stunned.


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