Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Malhar discovers Atharv having the toy parrot and takes from his hand. He takes telephone from him and requests that he take Aai telephone. Atharv goes. Malhar reveals to Pawar that they will utilize this pigeon to trap the fear based oppressor.

Aparna tells Aao Saheb that she can’t live as the psychological militant spouse and cries. She laments to question them. Anupriya says we will attempt to leave from here. Vaman’s goons disclose to him that individuals are purchasing their RDX coconuts and the left over coconuts they will give for nothing. Vaman chuckles. Anupriya says Malhar and Kalyani are there in Konkand and says they will free themselves. They loosen their hands and are going to leave, yet Vaman comes there and points firearm at Sampada. Anupriya pushes Sampada and attempts to take firearm from Vaman’s hand. She asks Sampada to run and spare numerous lives. Sampada says I can’t leave you here. Aao Saheb requests that her run and spare numerous lives. Sampada flees from that point. Vaman tells that Sampada will not reach there. Malhar is attempting to make sense of the fear based oppressors and sees individuals purchasing coconut. Sampada escapes goons and thinks to reach Kalyani and Malhar soon. Goon calls Vaman and says Sampada got away.

The angler gives the garments to Kalyani and requests that her wear it and move. Kalyani says it is extremely little. Malhar inquires as to why she will wear this and says she won’t wear this. Angler requests that her wear it. Kalyani says alright and requests that he go. He tells that she will wear this dress and nothing will be seen. Malhar asks Pawar and Rao to look all over the place. Kalyani comes wearing the dress and a long skirt and hits the dance floor with anglers. Kalyani says how we will look through Papa? Malhar says we will get some piece of information. Atharv says I need to hit the dance floor with Aai and pulls her shirt, some material turns out.

Sampada sits in auto and going. The goons’ jeep goes past her auto. A goon recognizes her and requests that the other goon take a U turn. Kalyani is hitting the dance floor with the anglers close to the shoreline of konkan. A phony pigeon is flying in the sky. Sampada gets down the auto and runs. The goons are running behind her.

Malhar sees the phony parrot in the sky and looks on. A man takes a gander at it. Sampada is as yet running from the goons. Kalyani is moving and Malhar is searching for the psychological oppressors. Malhar takes a gander at the man who is taking a gander at the pigeon and strolls close him.

Precap: Pawar and Malhar locate the versatile and approaches the number. It is Vaman’s number. Kalyani falls in the ocean to spare Sampada when the whale is going to swallow her.


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