Tujhse Hai Raabta 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kalyani says I call my child as Billu with affection, he don’t live without me, and gets frightened with more unusual individuals. Moksh is with Vaman and crying. FM is played there moreover. Moksh hears Kalyani’s voice. Kalyani asks whoever has hijacked my child, if it’s not too much trouble return him. She requests that radio play her tune. She says Billu will stay silent tuning in to this tune. She sings kuch toh hain tujhse raabta. Malhar cries. Vaman makes Moksh sit and hear the melody. Kalyani cries and sings. Moksh stays silent and tunes in to her tune. Kalyani separates and cries seriously. Anupriya mollifies her. Moksh cries and says Maa..Malhar says I am Malhar Rane and says I am the dad of the child. He demands the FM station to play the melody throughout the day. He says I will converse with the administration. Vaman thinks how to make him calm. Kalyani’s tune plays once more. Moksh stays silent. Malhar asks Kalyani to be taken inside the lock up. Kalyani says I will be inside, yet you consider Billu. He goes. Kalyani supposes she will plan something for spare Moksh.

Malhar gets some information about Vaman. Pawar says Manager doesn’t think about Vaman. Malhar says I will look through my child. Atul discloses to Anupriya this is Malhar’s affection, he has secured Kalyani inside a major case. He says I will see until when he will bolt her inside. Anupriya plays radio and hears Kalyani’s tune. Sampada comes there and keeps hand on his eyes. She asks what she needs to demonstrate. Anupriya says she is Moksh’s mom and says what you will get it. Sampada says everybody think her as children vendor and tells that the resident won’t leave her once she turns out.

Kalyani fakes stomach hurt. Woman constable says she will take her to washroom. Kalyani says sorry to learn and bolts her inside the lock up. Woman constable tells that Malhar will fire her. Kalyani says I am doing this for my child and says once I discover him, I will return. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani discloses to her that she needs to go now. Anupriya says you don’t need to abscond, Sarthak got your safeguarded. Woman constable gets the mail. Sarthak tells that he never utilized his contacts as should be obvious her in lock up. Anupriya says she will be with her. Sampada is outside the Police station with woman goon in vehicle. She says she don’t need Kalyani’s name thistle from her way. She guides Katya Bai that she knows. She says Kalyani will not be outside for much time. She leaves vehicle and tells the lady that Kalyani has stolen her child. She acts and requests that her tell where is Moksh? She tells the lady that Kalyani has stolen her child and offered to somebody. The lady goon inquires as to whether you will sell the children and says I will see her. Sampada giggles. Anupriya says you have a misconception. Woman goon tells that such young lady will not be in the general public and beats her. Kalyani says even I know karate. Some other lady come there and beat Kalyani. Sampada is leaving. Anupriya attempts to stop her. Sampada pushes her and leaves. Anupriya tumbles down. The women goon attempt to strangulate her neck with the material. Kalyani yells for assistance. Anupriya asks the women and goon to leave her. Simply then everybody get Malhar’s video speaking to the general population to let Kalyani and him search their tyke. He tells that his better half Kalyani is a mother and can’t take anybody’s child. The woman goon alongside the women hear the message. Kalyani and Anupriya hear the message as well.

Precap: Kalyani asks Atharv to offer Moksh to her in the event that he needs international ID. Malhar discovers Moksh.


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