Tujhse Hai Raabta 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Atharv says Moksh is still with your baba. Aparna comes and hears her. She asks what Moksh is doing with your baba and inquires as to whether she meets him even at this point. Sampada shuts the entryway. The women enquire about Moksh in the area. Pawar tells that somebody informed that the child is found with a man. They reach there. Vaman sees Malhar and runs holding a crate. Malhar requests that he stop. Bushel flies in air. Malhar gets the container and opens it, however Moksh isn’t inside. He asks Vaman to tell where is Moksh? Vaman says you will lift hand on me. Malhar says you and asks where is Moksh. Vaman says Aparna came and took Moksh with her. She requests that he run redirecting his consideration. Malhar says do you believe this is a joke, you are harming the infant.

Atharv gets some information about Moksh. Sampada says he is protected with Aai. Atharv asks her not to stress. Kalyani calls him and reveals to him that she has Sampada and his identification. Atharv says how to trust him. Kalyani requests that he check his telephone and says she will give him his visa and will give Sampada’s identification in the wake of getting Moksh. Sampada comes and inquires as to whether Malhar prepared to give their international ID. Atharv supposes he will not advise Sampada and thinks to proceed to get his visa. He says he got information about Mugdha and going there.

Atharv goes to the spot and embraces Anupriya. He acknowledges them for taking his identification from Malhar. Kalyani says I will give you identification now on the off chance that you bring Moksh to us in 60 minutes. He gets some information about Sampada’s identification. She won’t give her visa. Atharv says I adore Sampada. Kalyani tosses a visa in flame. Atharv calls her distraught and says keep Sampada’s identification for what reason did you consume my international ID. Kalyani says that was sham international ID and says your visa is with me. She requests that he bring Moksh here inside an hour and says in the event that he don’t bring moksh, at that point she will prepare the Police at the airplane terminal to invite him. She says I will deliver retribution from Sampada. Atharv thinks to leave Sampada and thinks to leave the nation. He asks Kalyani to do anything she desires and says he adores his opportunity. He says he don’t need to do anything with Sampada and will leave the nation. He leaves. Malhar brings Vaman and Aparna there and asks her, did you perceive the amount Atharv adores your little girl.

A fb is appeared, Sarthak says sorry to learn for getting Kalyani safeguarded. Kalyani says we will give their international IDs to them. Simply then Pawar brings Aparna and Vaman there. Kalyani gets some information about Moksh. Malhar says he is with Aai. Aparna says I will call Sampada and says you can’t stop me here. Malhar requests that her help them in the event that she needs Sampada’s improvement. He says do you think Atharv adores her and says he will give confirmation. Fb closes. Malhar advises Aparna to figure what will occur with Sampada after Atharv leaves her. Anupriya asks Aparna to tell where is Moksh for Sampada’s advancement. Vaman discloses to Aparna that he has seen Kalyani and Moksh’s connection seeing Moksh staying silent hearing Kalyani’s tune. He asks Aparna to tell where is Moksh.

Aparna says I will take you there. She takes them to a house where Sampada requested that her leave Moksh. Malhar asks Kalyani to be there and says he will go. Kalyani says she will accompany him. Malhar says alright and asks her not to do any silliness. They head inside. Kalyani says there is no one here, Aparna is double-crossing us. Sampada is there with the goons and requests that they take her child and says she will come there. She requests that they recollect that nothing will happen to her child. Malhar opens the entryway and gets inside. The goons assault Malhar attempts to beat him. Kalyani asks where is Billu? Malhar holds the goons’ neck. Kalyani asks Sampada to tell where is Billu and holds her.

The goon is taking Moksh out. Malhar requests that Commissioner give him authorization to enquire with Sampada without capturing her. He says in the event that I capture her, at that point she will get her safeguarded with a telephone call. Anupriya requests that her tell where is Moksh else she will get imprisoned. Sampada is attached to the seat. Kalyani says she won’t tell effectively and tells that she will call her legal advisor and get safeguard. Sampada says she won’t tell. Kalyani acquires rodents the sack and says they are prepared to hop on you. Sampada says you can’t do this. Aparna says Sampada fears rodents. Kalyani says I can successfully get Moksh. She requests that her tell else she will open the sack.

Precap: Sampada liberates herself and go to a bar. Malhar and Pawar head inside. Kalyani is outside. Sampada escape from that point.


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